IFATC Event Policy

Due to the high number of requests for IFATC Services for #live:events on the Expert Server we will no longer be accepting direct requests via PM.

Moving forward I will incorporate an event, whether VA or general user, into the weekly Expert Server ATC schedule at least one time per month much like you see here:

I will browse the #live:events category periodically and choose well-organized and unique events that have a solid commitment. This will provide more incentive to put thought and effort into events to ensure they’re professional, organized, and more enjoyable for all. This policy is subject to change based on application feedback over the coming months.

Thanks for your understanding and look forward to providing top-notch ATC services for your event!


Interesting changes. Hopefully this will increase the quality of IFC events. :)


This has been in place for two years, but I figured it was worth a repost since I still get 5-10 PMs per day.


So basically we can’t request to have ATC services at events and we just have to wait and see if our event makes it on the ATC schedule?

That’s exactly how this reads, yup. Just post the event and I review them weekly. :)


I actually never noticed it was only once per month.😂 Either way, thanks for clarifying it. :)

Happy to see that Tyler! You’re doing an awesome job!

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I’ve always felt bad for you Tyler having to go through tons of PM’s everyday for every event. Like the new idea and it puts a lot less work on your hands. Good luck Tyler.


Can’t wait for this! Might have to start making events again! Thank you Tyler :D

Idea sounds great! So much easier for you :)

Thanks for putting my event up there Tyler ;)

Hey @Tyler_Shelton . Are event organizers allowed to reach out to specific controllers themselves?

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This typically results in the same thing I’ve attempted to address here with controllers now PM’ing constantly to staff a field that wasn’t scheduled. I’d prefer we go strictly based on what’s scheduled for the sake of fairness and avoid just contacting controllers directly.


This is very solid amazing work!

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Could this be any time during the month, or are your decisions mostly weighed towards events at the start/end of the month?

I personally feel one event per month is a bit too low. In my view, a big enough incentive hasn’t been created for event organisers to go all-in on their events due to the very low chance of actually showing up on the schedule, though some light-hearted competition is always welcome and I can picture events improving for the better.


Yes I agree! Once a month will give all the hundreds of events that are very well organized in the IFC too less of a chance… I personally feel that you should do like twice a month or once a week


Will you also avoid ATC at a nearby airport ruining on event? For example, if there is a KHOU flyout, featruing KIAH on that day would be a mess.

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@Tyler_Shelton what if we post an event according to the IFATC schedule?


Monday: You release schedule… (eg: Sunday is EGLL
Tuesday: I Post an event for Sunday at EGLL

is this allowed?

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Yes this is! Just keep in mind that you may not get ATC, we can’t reserve frequencies and this would be a lottery for you.