IFATC Event: Manchester Fly-In Featuring Kyle & Haribo


Welcome to our IFATC Official Event Series! Today’s event will be a fly-in. Our fly-in events will feature controllers who are realism-experts of a specific airfield. They will provide the procedures, brief the controllers, and make sure the event is running smoothly.

Featured Controllers


Hello, I’m Haribo! I’m an IFATC officer and tester at IFATC. I’ve been controlling for more than 1 year and have over 1.2M XP and over 18K ATC operations on the game. My favourite planes are the Ejets. My hobbies are Aviation, Sport and Music! Hope you enjoy the event :)


Hi, I’m Kyle. You’ve probably seen me around on the discord server moderating, handling appeals or supervising our ATC controllers. I’m quite an active user around here helping out where I can. I’m a barista, frequent tennis player and aviation enthusiast. Currently saving up for my PPL. I’m open to any questions you may have.

Event Details

Date & Time: September 24, 2022 7:00 PMSeptember 24, 2022 9:00 PM
Server: Expert
Airport: EGCC

Airport Information From Featured Controllers

Required Procedures


SANB1Y (23L) - South
EKLA1Y (23L) - South
SONE1Y (23L) North East
ASMIM1S (05L) - North West
DESI1S (05L) - North East
MONT1R/S (05L) - South West
LIST2S (05L) -South


DAYNE - South East
MIRSI - South West
ROSUN - North
DALE - East

Runway Operations
Arrival Departure
05R 05L
23R 23L
Taxi Routes

(We are expecting 05s to be in use looking at the winds)

For best efficiency, please follow these instructions. Stay on tower frequency after landing 05R, You will be handed off as you cross 05L to ground. Tower will issue crossing clearances.

05L Departures

05R Arrivals

Terminal Information
Terminal Airlines
1 Aer Lingus (shorthaul)/ easyJet / Emirates / Lufthansa / Jet2 / Icelandair / SWISS / TAP / Turkish / Finnair / Air Transat
2 KLM / Hainan / Qatar / Pegasus / Singapore / TUI / Virgin / Ethiopian / Etihad / Cathay Pacific / Jet2 / Air Baltic / Air Canada / Aegean / Aer Lingus (long haul)
3 Ryanair / Vueling / British Airways / Iberia
Suggested Routes
Route Airline Aircraft Flight Time (approx)
Madrid (LEMD) to Manchester (EGCC) Ryanair 737-800 2.05hr
Amsterdam (EHAM) to Manchester (EGCC) easyJet / KLM A319/A320 OR E190/B737/B739 55m
Palma De Mallorca (LEPA) to Manchester (EGCC) Jet2 / TUI / Ryanair / easyJet B738/B752/A320/787 2hr 15
Innsbruck (LOWI) to Manchester (EGCC) Jet2 / easyJet 738/A320 1hr 50
Dublin (EIDW) to Manchester (EGCC) Ryanair or Aer Lingus 738/A320 35m
Dubai (OMDB) to Manchester Emirates A380 7hr
Istanbul (LTFM) to Manchester (OMDB) Turkish A321/A330 3h 30m


Looking forward to it! 😊


Wish we could fly in Manchester with this awesome plane and Virgin Atlantic livery! Maybe it is possible🤔


There’s always the A330 :) @CaptainFinland

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Its a lovely plane too, but my heart is with the 747! Maybe I’m flying in with the BA 747, tho its a bit unrealistic


Big 747 fan here too! I must admit, I’d fly her more if there was a reworked model! She’s a great aircraft 😃


I wish I can but I wouldn’t be able to attend, I already plans to attend 2 other events

I don’t know which route to choose :(

How long of a flight do you have in mind? @CaptainMcsweeney

I will fly with easyJet A320-200 to LFSB Basel from Terminal 1 😁

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Sounds great!

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Oh this a fly-in… 😅 then i will fly from LFSB to EGCC 👍

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I love long hauls but for this flight I’ll more than likely go for a short hour or two hour flight

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Terminal 3 Flybe too!

Beautifully laid out event. Look forward to it.


I’d recommend this one @CaptainMcsweeney :)

alright was looking into that route too actually thanks alot

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The Event is sadly not in the right time zone and I have a flight from 8PM MET.

Looking at everyone’s aircraft and route choices is making me want to call in sick for work and join the fun haha 😆

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This can also be done in the Thomas Cook A321