IFATC Event: Dublin Fly-In

Welcome to our IFATC Official Event Series! Today’s event will be a fly-in. Our fly-in events will feature controllers who are realism-experts of a specific airfield. They will provide the procedures, brief the controllers, and make sure the event is running smoothly.

Featured Controllers


Event Details

Date & Time: February 16, 2023 1:00 PMFebruary 16, 2023 3:00 PM
Server: Expert
Airport: EIDW

Airport Information From Featured Controllers

Runway Configuration

Departing Runway: 28L
Landing Runway: 28L

Arrival Procedures


Taxi Routes



Runway 16/34 will be used as a taxiway for departure. In an effort to expedite the process, follow ground route and contact tower for a back taxi command. All aircraft must taxi to the end of 28L for departure. This is to allow spacing for arrivals to taxi to parking. Do not block any intersection

Arrival NOTAM

Arriving aircraft are to expect vectors to final towards the end of their final. During peak traffic, arrivals are to expect holding patterns. Please comply with all ATC instructions


It’s A330 time.


Thanks a lot Drummer! Tis should be good ☘️


Lets ride!

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Wish that there was satellite imagery so that Dublin could’ve been updated with the new runway - as that would make things a lot easier - but oh well…


I agree, i’d love for the new runway to be added. Satellite imagery has been released, they are just having some sort of issues with the ILS system.


Expect A LOT of Aer Lingus A330s! Haha

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Expect runway 28L/10R to be damaged by all the Ryanair’s! Might have to resort to 16/34 half way through 😂


I’m going to do Toronto - Dublin don’t know either to use a330 or a350 (ik In real life aer lingus doesn’t have a350)

Not sure where to come in from - looking for about a 6 hour transatlantic route. Im thinking about Boston or JFK!

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Maybe Boston To Dublin my first transatlantic flight.

I’ll be flying over from Kuala Lumpur on the B772 , hope I don’t get lost halfway…

I was going to fly from New York but I got back late from school so I scrapped that flight. I’m doing a flight from Istanbul instead with the Turkish Airlines a330-300!

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Flying from KMIA-EIDW.

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