IFATC Event Coordination Enquiry

Alright so someone told me that if I wish to host yet another event (and also invite the IFATC to provide ATC services), I need to wait for at least 5 months after the previous event? Is this true? Just needed to know…

Not really, who told you this?

5 months is absurd

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Do please enlighten us as to who told you this. I’m having a very hard time believing you (:

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Before you guys start assuming, I will say, stop assuming.

I forgot who told me this.

It may or may not be a deliberate confusion but please, don’t assume.

So my final question is, so is there still a limit to hosting IFATC coordinated events? Maybe yes, for a few weeks or a month or maybe no, there’s no limit — simple as that…

Whilst I’m not an IFATC; I would just use judgement.

I would think they have no problem helping out for say a monthly event, or even a little less than that. they just won’t want you expecting them to do one every week or like that.

Yes I get what you mean, @IceBlue and I know that the IFATC is a friendly bunch of people (well at least most of it is)

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@IceBlue my new event i started with 2 others that were coordinating is weekly :/

I guess if the IFATC people don’t find it annoying, it’s okay?

Already cintacted a lot of them they seem okay with it

Oh well ok :)

A big variable is time: Coming to them in good time before the event with all the details will certainly help them.

Thanks man

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