IFATC Ethan H Ghosting Without Warning

I was on approach into TNCM and I requested a decent to 9,000 then to 7,000, and then @Airbus_Driver just ghosted me for spamming, no warnings or anything. I’m hoping I can understand why I was ghosted and have it removed, as I really want to fly in this weeks FNF!

My Name in Infinite Flight is: Dave - AVAP

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contact the controller please

Correction on that statement above since he is a new user.

Ethan is currently controlling and will reach out to you when he has a moment (Or a moderator will create a PM for you with Ethan).

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I will make a PM with you two when he is done controlling since you are not TL1 yet

you see how busy it is, there is NO need to request altitude changes. // supervisor


PM is made.When Ethan gets a chance he will discuss it with you :) Good day

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And one tip when you are beeing vectored be paitent the atc will get you down to the ground

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But he could’ve at least said stop sending duplicate messages as a warning

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Somtimes you will get ghosted without warning

when its busy we dont have time to.


@Dave-IF1 - Ethan will reach out to you as soon as he’s available.