IFATC engagement

Are we forced to be frequently present as an IFATC. For example, I would like to be IFATC to control on the Expert and also to unlock the report user button when I control on the training but I’m not sure to control every week.

You will not be allowed to control on the Training Server if you’re IFATC.


Why ? Where is the problem ?

Because you’re IFATC to control on Expert. Not Training ;)

  1. Okay, thank you. But is there any way to be respected on the training.
  2. Can TSATC Members report users ?
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  1. What are you suggesting by respected? You should be respected by a pilot anyways with or without IFATC connections.

  2. No, it’s training server


No, I just send you a PM about TSATC. 😉

IFATC requires a certain time of activity. When you don’t open an airport for awhile you’ll need to take the written test again (or the practical as well. Depends on how long you haven’t been active)

No, TSATC members cannot report. Only IFATC can use the report function for a reason.


On training, pilot do whatever they want like takeoff or land without clearance, taxi through grass… and there is no way to punish them. even if a controller had 100000 ops, he couldn’t report a user I think it should be great to add a controler rating which allow the controller to report player. or to authorize the TSATC to report players. It’s just a suggestion but it can maybe improve the training server.

By the way what is IFVARB ?

It has been stated that TSATC will not receive any special treatment. Also the training server is for pilots and controllers to train, so you can meet people who might not follow your instructions or just act unrealistic in general. They are learning so give them some time to do that unless they’re fully fledged trollers.


Unfortunately it’s training server so you can’t do much but tell them like “do not taxi on grass” or kind of redirect them. It’s training server. Get used to where the commands are and what they do. 😉

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IFVARB is the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board, responsible for the creation of virtual airlines and virtual organizations.

IFVARB has nothing to do with ATC.

Check here

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Well, reporting a pilot isn’t a punishment, and should not be sen as one. As a report/ghosting is to teach the pilot what he did wrong, so they will learn from their past mistakes. There’s is and should not be a way to “punish” a pilot in IF, as we all are here to learn more and more about aviation.

And on the Training Server, that’s where both pilots and AC are training, hence the server name. They are still learning. The server may not be in perfect condition with not everyone keen to on being taught real procedures and all, but it’s a place where you have the chance to choose to be a better pilot and get ready for the real test, of flying in IFATC controlled airspace in Expert Server.


Okay, thank you everyone !😀

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