IFATC Education Group


The IFATC Education Group is a group of Infinite Flight ATC (IFATC) that help educate Infinite Flight controllers and pilots through the content and experiences we create.


Our mission currently is to promote and grow the IFATC through our Discord by offering people a window in to experiencing what controlling on expert is like while enabling them to contribute to the IFATC. Make it a second home to contact the outside world because the IFATC is private.


  • Lots of fun-filled immersive educational events.
  • A friendly leadership team always willing to answer any questions you may have.
  • Question and Answer events with influential content creators, real-world pilots and controllers.
  • A place to showcase your work and contribute to the group through our blog or Instagram.
  • Interactive educational activities for pilots and controllers.
  • Events and activities where pilots can learn the basics and more advanced methods of flying, such as:
    • Landing help
    • Learn how to fly in the pattern
    • Learn how to fly an approach
    • etc.
  • A place to practice controlling individually and get pilots, in an environment filled with knowledgeable people who are willing to help out and offer feedback.
  • Daily Question of The Day, to sharpen your skills quizzing you on things that relate to controlling and flying in Infinite Flight or the real-world.
  • A place where all aviation enthusiasts can come together to hang out and share in the passion that we all love.
  • A learning environment where everyone is welcome.


We have a small team that work hard behind the scenes to help facilitate and organize the educational activities and content you see.


Coordinators are in charge of overseeing the events and activities we create for pilots and controllers. To make sure everything runs smooth and that there’s plenty of things for people to do.

Hey everyone! My name is Daniel and I am one of the Coordinators of the IFATC Education Group.

I work very closely with the rest of the IFATC Education Group Leadership Team along with the IFATC Leadership Team to create and coordinate many diverse and engaging events for our amazing Pilots/ATC.

We also host many internal activities for our members ranging from daily posts, Q&A sessions, QOTD (Question Of The Day - A bot featuring a daily question including all aviation topics), and much much more. Additionally, we also have an Instagram section where members can post their favorite photos to be featured on our Official Instagram, and have a pilots role where aspiring Air Traffic Controllers can request help/feedback, in order to best prepare them to excel in the best ways possible.

Being involved in the IFATC Education Group has been one of my favorite experiences here at Infinite Flight, and I 100% recommend for you to come and join us whether you are a person who enjoys conversation with other people, or a person who always loves to learn new things!

Something that makes our group very special is that everyone is welcome!

If anyone has any questions along the way, myself along with the rest of the leadership team are always more than happy to help and guide you! :) - @Daniel_Steinman

👋 I’m Matei, also known as JetWig, or frog. I’ve been with the IFATC Education Group team for a long time and didn’t ever regret any moment spent there.

This organisation helped me in my whole journey of becoming an experienced controller. From being a complete IFATC beginner, to becoming an officer just recently. In the last few weeks, the IFATC Education Group has never stopped improving. From creating regular events, to organising podcasts with some of your favourite staff, pilots and more!

It’s the best organization I’ve been in and I cannot be more happy to be part of it! - @JetWig

Hi, my name is Robin, but you most likely know me as SPEEDBIRD101. I recently joined the IFATC Education Group server and soon after became a coordinator and i don’t regret a minute of being here.

The IFATC Education Group server has many fun and exiting features, such as: an instagram post where users can post their best pictures and people can then upvote on the images, a leaderboard for the instagram posts which show how many upvotes people have had, a QOTD bot which helps you grow your knowledge of aviation, another leaderboard which shows how many questions you got right in the QOTD questions, Q&A.

I love being apart of the community in the IFATC Education Group because everyone is happy to help you whenever you need help, I have also met many new great people and had many great conversations that taught me many new things.

If you ever need help with coding, or even if you just have any questions I will be more than happy to help you out! - @SPEEDBIRD101

Hey everyone! I’m @IF787 and I’ve been with the IFATC Education Group team for a few months now. From being a reader and eventually a contributor and editor, I have had some great experiences learning with IFATC Education Group.

As a real world private pilot, I can say they the education provided is as accurate as it gets, both for Infinite Flight and real world topics. The IFATC Education Group is constantly growing and introducing new activities and posts to help furthere educate our readers and server members.

The IFATC Education Group is dedicated to help educate while also being interactive and fun. I am very proud to be involved in this group and I believe it can be fun for anyone willing to join! - @IF787

My name is Ruan, I am a IFATC Education Group Coordinator and contributor. I have written a few articles for the group. Outside of group I am a IFATC Supervisor and Tester along with being a staff member at a VA.

I joined the group back in 2021 and was offered the Editor position in March. I have never ever looked back. It is such an amazing community that has so much to offer in terms of education and fun with daily QOTD’s to help your ATC, Aviation and flying knowledge along with general great conversations with members!

The group is constantly growing with more and more members joining and contributing and has no signs of ever slowing down.

If you are looking for a place to learn more about IFATC, ATC and Aviation and to just join a amazing community then do not hesitate to join! - @Average_Gamer

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Credit to the leadership team for the creation of this thread. Background image credit to @Luxio001, @Rhys_V and @Jumbo-Jan. The IFATC Education Group is officially affiliated with Infinite Flight ATC (IFATC). All rights reserved.


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