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What is the IFATC Education Group?

The IFATC Education Group is a group of IFATC that educates Infinite Flight air traffic controllers and pilots about controlling and flying. We make short and easily digestible notes posted once every morning, covering one subject relating to either flying or controlling on Infinite Flight.

Learn something every day, never stop learning.

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If you’ve read our disclaimer, we don’t claim to be “experts” on every subject we post about but our team and contributors do have a wealth of knowledge in Infinite Flight and the real-world.

You’re learning as we learn new things. That is the point of this blog. To share what we learn with you, every day.

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A new Infinite Flight teaser, one of many we’ve received this recently, shows a close up of the terminals at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (LFPG).


Very cool project with lots of interesting articles! Big thanks to everyone involved!

Thanks! Going on 3 years now I believe.

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That’s really impressive!

Started in December 2017 as the ATC Event Group, we organized ATC events. Then we moved away from events and changed our name to the ATC Education Group (thank the lord Education starts with an “E”). We worked with ATC trainees to help get them pilots for their non-official training sessions. Then we stopped helping with training in 2019 and on February 22, 2019 we started our blog. In April of 2020 we partnered with the IFATC and did a full rebranding as the IFATC Education Group.

728 posts sent out, one a day, every day (with a few days missing), since February 2019 and here we are. Now you’re all caught if anyone is new to our group. :)


Very cool and interesting, thank you! :)

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Wow, is a really cool thread also a real good project !

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Thank you! I don’t know why we didn’t just post to a thread before but here we are. :)


Got some exciting AMAs “Ask Me Anythings” coming up!

Sam Eckholm
April 17th
Social media creator, photographer and 1st Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. He handles digital media, community relations, civic outreach and media outreach for the United States Air Force. — Instagram

Sebastian Schyllberg
Infinite Flight Staff Technical Support and Technical Forum Management

Scott Bateman
Veteran. Chair PilotsTogether. Pilot C130, BN-2, 747 and A350. Owner and producer of 9-Line Media & Consultancy. One of three founders of TheAvgeeks.com. Presenter for the Layover Show.

dates TBD


(Responding to Trio about the Three Centre Frequency time-lapse …)

Ah that’s brilliant, I was RedCap 229 in an A320 just in front of them! I had to speed up to stay ahead…

They were freakin me out, when I saw the giant line up I thought they were going to surround me and I’d be assimilated into the Indonesian VA 😳

I got in to Singapore before them, and I remember it as a good smooth approach and nice ATC support!

Awesome, good to hear!

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Approach Briefings really are important to finish a flight in a good manner and to be prepared for the eventualities that tend to occur from time to time. Definitely a good hint!

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