IFATC Education Group AMA with Michael Schoelen Invite • 20 June 2020

2020-06-20T20:00:00Z the IFATC Education Group will be hosting an AMA “Ask Me Anything” with @MichaelSchoelen.

Michael has been a real world air traffic controller for 13 years. Worked at ZLA (LA Center) and LAX Tower. He is the current union representitive for his area at ZLA, and the facility training representitive.

For 1 hour, our Slack community will have the opportunity to ask him aviation related questions in the #AMA discussion channel in Slack.

Join our community to get the chance to ask Michael questions live, one on one. Sign up here!


Is this the right date?

Fixed, thank you!

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With the re-introduction of the Center ATC position to Infinite Flight, now is the PERFECT opportunity to ask your questions to a real life center controller!

Nice job Trio!


Ooh this will be fun!

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I’ve been meaning to ask him for a while, this seemed like perfect timing!



Wow, that’s one prestigious position if you ask me (not bias). Thanks for hosting Trio!


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