IFATC Education Group AMA with Maj. Joshua ‘Cabo’ Gunderson

Yesterday, we had an AMA “Ask Me Anything” with Maj. Joshua ‘Cabo’ Gunderson. All of the members of our Slack community got the opportunity to ask her questions. Have a look at all of the questions and answers.

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I still love Misha’s question 😂

It’s amazing how you get in contact with these people, to help our knowledge grow, and meet our inspirations!

Btw you accidentally formatted the same question to 2 answers. About 10-ish down.

This was a really fun one to read through, hope to see the next one soon!

Thank you for those fantastic events @Trio. I mean, when do you ever have the opportunity to ask any question to someone who’s not only an F-22 captain but also the commander of the USAF F-22 Demo Team? That was extremely fascinating. Looking forward to what’s coming next!


My goal is to make the guest so amazing that anyone would be extremely upset if they missed it.

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