IFATC Education Group AMA with Laura Laban

Two days ago, we had an AMA “Ask Me Anything” with Laura Laban. All of the members of our Slack community got the opportunity to ask her questions. Have a look at all of the questions and answers.

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That was an Awesome AMA, thank you Trio.

Some awesome insights to many things


Thanks @Trio and (@)Laura (I really want to tag 😂) for this amazing chance. This AMA also showed Laura’s humourous side before the questions started!

Thankfully my question got featured. If you do any more AMA’s I’ll more than happily join in the fun! I feel we got a great answer, and that’s because we’ve got a heavily devoted team from the start, with high hopes, high quality, and great friendships between the staff and community.

Here’s to you all who attended, answered, and question during the AMA! 🥂


Great reading!
This quote is sooooo interesting:

Plenty of challenging things for this one… It was gearing up to be a simple one with just the 777, then it grew bigger… and the biggest challenge is something we haven’t shown yet.



That was a great little article. Sounds like she really wants buildings. :)

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Did she, I couldn’t tell really. Haha /s


Thanks for that, Kyle. Great interview, definitely worth a read.

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Thanks for another lovely recap of the AMA with the awesome Laura. Some of the things I read on there are definitely exciting to hear.

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