IFATC Education Group AMA with Infinite Flight Moderator, Declan O’Regan


First off, happy 1 year anniversary to our AMAs. We’ve been able to chat with 27 very cool people in the past 12 months. A real-world F-22 Demonstration Team Commander, commercial pilots, CFIs, air traffic controllers, YouTubers, developers, and many more. You can read all of our past AMAs here.

Second, right now we are having an AMA “Ask Me Anything” with Infinite Flight Moderator, IFATC Supervisor, Recruiter, and former Trainer, Declan O’Regan. You all know him as @Declan_O of course.

Go to the link below and ask a question. Thanks for participating!


Giving this a bump if you haven’t seen it as of now, still have time to get in a question if you haven’t! Declan is answering a few now. ☀️


Thanks so much for this opportunity. I’m still around to answer some questions if any of you have some!


No problem! This is a good one. :)

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What’s the topic of the questions?

I have wanted to join IFATC for a long time, and I am constantly trying to get better to be able to join this amazing group.

What are your tips for people that want to reach this goal?

@preston What you asked is good, just transfer that over to the website in the comments. Declan won’t be answering them here. :)

Thank you for participating in our AMA with Declan today, if you did! Declan will still be taking questions because of course, timezones, he’ll be free now in the daylight.

Our next AMA is an exciting one, mark your calendar for Wednesday, December 9th with Capt. Ryan Smithies, 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron pilot. Subscribe to our blog so you can get notified. :)

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