IFATC Education Group AMA with Evan L.


Hello everyone! We’re back with another AMA “Ask Me Anything” for you today, and we need questions.

All-day today, you get the chance to ask Evan L., @schloopy91 on the forum, questions about his work as a commercial single-engine and multi-engine rated pilot, as well as certificated single-engine, multi-engine, and instrument flight instructor.

Go to the link below to get your question in and learn more about him. Thanks in advance for participating!



Evan is answering a few questions now and will answer more this afternoon! :)

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Alright Im back answering again

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Trying to get some of the UVAL people to pop in but seems like things are winding down

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I am not very in-depth sort of in becoming a pilot, but am keen in majoring in Aerospace engineering to possibly have a career option with a US Airbus Plant or Boeing, etc.

Here’s my question.

What would happen if I graduated from high-school.
4.0+ GPA.
1500+ SAT.
Went to college and majoring in Aerospace Engineering.
Went to flight school after college,
Got my license.
Started working as a pilot?

Is that how the order goes?

Also, what’s the starting pay, for let’s say, a 737.

If anyone has any future questions, he’ll be answering questions on our blog for everyone to see because most of our audience are not on the forum (yet). Thank you for the great question though! :)


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I’m a bit confused, are you wanting to work as an engineer for Boeing or Airbus, or are you wanting to become a pilot? If you are wanting to become an aerospace engineer, it sounds like you are well on your way down the right path.

I can tell that you take pride in your education, which is great because I do as well, much more so than most pilots I know. On the one hand, I will say that doing very well in school does not have that much of a benefit in flying. To reach the top (captain for a major airline), you just need a college degree, doesn’t matter what major or GPA. However, having an excellent education history can open doors for you in the peripheral aspects of aviation. For example, a pilot examiner I had for my commercial checkride was a 787 captain for United. But, he also was the head of their recruiting department and had other management roles because had a masters degree in business from a prestigious school

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Thank you! Going down on a more personal note.

Is being a pilot something that takes up too much of your time? Does it create a blockade if you have a family aswell?

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