IFATC Education Group AMA with Capt. Ryan Smithies


Hello everyone! We’re back with another AMA “Ask Me Anything” for you today, and we need questions.

All-day today, you get the chance to ask Capt. Ryan Smithies questions about his work as a real-world pilot for the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, also known as the Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters.

Go to the link below to get your question in and learn more about him. Thanks in advance for participating!


Answering the first round of questions now! :)

This is cool, wasnt there a guy on the IFC named Smith before.

I’m not too sure but he wasn’t aware of Infinite Flight till today. :)

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How do you find these people and how are you contacting them?

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nah It was an idahoan dude around july

who cares anyway I was going off topic someone flag my post.

I have a list of people I have in mind that I keep (feel feel to send me any suggestions). Then I just email them or message them on social media. Hard part is finding the correct contact info! I haven’t been turned down yet once they see it.

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That’s really cool. Lol what if they don’t respond. But I assume you might keep the list of people realistic like if you were to contact Sully lol I don’t think he would answer.

He was too busy at the time when I got through to his team, that was back during peak COVID.

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Really wow that’s so cool! Keep up the great work!

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AMA is wrapping up now. Thank you all for participating in the AMA, if you did! I saw a lot of friendly faces from here. :)

We will be back next Thursday, December 17th for an AMA with Evan L., you may know him as @schloopy91. He is a real-world commercial single-engine and multi-engine rated pilot, as well as a certificated single-engine, multi-engine, and instrument flight instructor.

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Looking forward to that AMA next week, Kyle. Thanks for hosting, as always.

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