IFATC - East Coast Madness

Good to know! I’m inbound on the CAPSS3 arrival from the south callsign N111DC

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Thank’s to the power of @Cameron’s Live Flight Horizon (the pro version of Live Flight Tracker for Infinite Flight) and the ability to download a KML of the flight, you can see the route my aircraft took on the visual approach! Use the map key to find my route. Great work to the Radar (@PlaneGeek) and the Tower/Ground/ATIS (@Drummer)! I enjoyed this very much!



That’s awesome! I’m on approach SE now, taking the other other [Potomac] River approach 😉

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@anon71974898 a straight in approach to 19 is not the river visual bud.

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Yup, got visual approach for 19 from Potomac Approach

I was the Potamac Approach. You are supposed to follow the river.


Thanks, you did a great job! I appreciate it 👍🏻

Thanks to those who came, and thanks for controlling with me in the DC area @PlaneGeek @Drummer and @HiFlyer. In the end I was open for 4 hours.


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