IFATC - East Coast Madness

Oh yeeahhh get ready for some heavy traffic!

Ugh, It’s starting to look less and less appealing now lol

Washington Dulles open, come by for a flight along the east coast! DCA, JFK, and LGA are open as well.

River visual approach is in my flight plan from the waypoint FERGI! It’s been a while since I’ve done it!



EAST COAST Madness! Here I COME!

Does anyone know what time zone the times are?

Look at the original post. It will convert to your local time zone. :)

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[Potomac] River approach lol 😂 I’m just messing with you man, I’ve just always called it Potomac approach because that’s what ATC Approach for that area is called: Potomac Approach

I’m so sorry to the JFK tower. I landed on 22R, and unfortunately, don’t know why, but my plane kept moving to the right even though I was moving my device and rudder to the left, and ended up swirling and turning on the runway…


It happens to the best of us. I was doing a flight of two once with my friend, I was lead and landing on RWY 1R @ KSFO. I did not butter that landing. I did about four 360’s and somehow ended up on 28R facing west so it worked out. I just played it off like I meant to do that lol 😂



Hahaha, thanks @PlaneGeek!

@anon71974898, sadly, I buttered the landing and then messed up.

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T minus 20 minutes. Let’s get this party started!

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I am open at KILG already, by the way.

Anyone that is flying at DCA does not need to request a runway crossing on 22 and 15. They are being used as taxiways


15/33 is an active runway, it’s just not used often

Still, take the good with the bad 😉

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See you shortly.

@PlaneGeek and @Drummer are you guys accepting River Visual approaches to 19?

Yes we are

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