IFATC Dual Radar Training Session Timelapse @ LWSK & BKPR

Hey everyone!

Recently, I’ve started training to upgrade to the rank of officer in order to be able to control radar in the skies of Infinite Flight. As such, I decided to record a very interesting time-lapse of my dual training session today with a fellow controller, @Andy350 to show you what it takes to be able to control the radar frequencies of Infinite Flight. This session took place simultaneously at Skopje International Airport and Pristina Airport, with @Andy350 and I handling departures and arrivals from Pristina and Skopje respectively. Not to forget, as my (as well as @Andy350’s) radar training comes to a end, I would like to thank @TaipeiGuru for being such a awesome trainer and teaching us all the fundamentals of radar controlling!

Trainees: @TheAviationGallery & @Andy350
Trainer: @TaipeiGuru
Attendees: @ToasterStroodie, @Anthony_Morgan, @Nils_Esser, @MJMN, @Mert_Oncul @AsternAviation, @Speedbird222, @TaipeiGuru, @Eden_Tan, @CptJu

Please click the image below to view the full time-lapse of the session.

Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 2.08.54 AM

Enjoy, and thanks for viewing!


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Good choice of airports

I actually fell asleep and missed the session… but nice work!


Indeed! @TaipeiGuru has all sorts of airports in mind to torture his trainees :)

Awesome video @TheAviationGallery, thanks for the amazing session!


It was an absolute pleasure working with you together Nicholas. I’m sure we can both agree on how much we learned over this period thanks to our trainer Taipei