IFATC Database?

If only 10% of people told to “Check tutorials” would do so…they’d have their answer.

But, no, we don’t need to be asked why you were ghosted just for driving straight through another plane on the taxiway.


@Tyler_Shelton… Houston we have a problem! Tyler hope you got the jist of my deleted post, it went garbled when I hit paste and overwrote my text. Bottom line. IFATC list is fine. The rub is the " Anonymous Entities" on TR-1.
They must be of record in the Forum. Regards


I think it would be a good idea. Could benefit everyone. Controllers can directly hear pilot’s perspectives. Might make mod jobs a bit easier by pushing all the little things to the controllers directly.
It is very annoying to not know who a controller is. We’re all one team. ;)


This is a great idea in my opinion, and I’m surprised that this isn’t already a thing. But like Tyler said, many controllers do prefer their privacy, while others are completely open. If it was to be made, it would probably need to be a wiki in order for it to be regularly edited.

You aren’t the only IFATC guy…

He’s still allowed to express his opinion.

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I agree that privacy would need to be addressed; however, I do think that privacy should be discussed for those who plan on joining as a disclaimer. “If you wish to proceed with becoming part of the IFATC, you are agreeing to make yourself available to those who question your operations.”

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Eh, I know I wouldn’t want that so I certainly wouldn’t make that a condition for someone joining. The amount of people that would say, “why did it take so long to depart me”, “why did I get a help pages”, “why did you make me follow so and so”… that stuff is exhausting. Again, I’ll get a feel for what the ATC community wants but it certainly won’t be mandated by me without them wanting it.


I for one would be for this, speaking as an IFATC. I can’t speak for everyone else, however.

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I’m glad you’re on the case Tyler, you know how to do what is best for IFATC and the community as a whole, well done.

I look forward to getting to Grade 3 so I can apply for IFATC

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I did a topic like this,months ago,I think is a good idea and honestly I can’t understand what is the problem to put our names in one datacase.


The problem is that some may not want their names available like that as they would like privacy and don’t want people messaging them all the time. I get some of you are ok with it but some aren’t.

When did I say that?

An alternative would be to create one big “Searching for controller” topic. Where users could ask to find a specific controller. It won’t clog up the forum and controllers still keep their privacy.

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Maybe set clear guidelines as to when and how to talk to a controller. Perhaps even implement a three strike rule with the third incident resulting in a punishment.

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