IFATC Database?

I think there should be a topic with the list of all the IFATC and their IFC usernames. This could be essential when looking for IFATC for whatever reason it may be (ex: feedback or saying good job). All IFATC, I’m guessing, have a forums account, for they have to contact a staff member and take the test. Your guy’s thoughts??

IFATC _____ - @their_username


Really great idea @Jeffrey1o2!


That’s I actually a very good idea perhaps @Tyler_Shelton could help to set it up. This would really minimise the amount of “looking for this controller” threads. The only problem I see is that they change their screenames occasionally so it would require upkeep.


Many controllers appreciate their privacy, including many of our professional pilots and controllers. As someone else pointed out, most consistently change their name as well.

After the New Year settles I’ll put out a poll and see if they’d be willing to have their usernames listed on a thread for the community to make contact. Thanks for the suggestion!


Nice, I think this would help more!


Thanks Tyler… I do agree with the privacy!

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Because sometimes you don’t find them on them, even if they are on the forums.

Im easy to find.


ok. well not everyone is


Because they don’t want to get shot by a russian man (air crash reference xP) if they cause anything to go wrong.

I know, But if any IFATC see any ghosting complains we tell the controller involved on slack.

You can always contact an ATC mod like Joe or Jason to find out who someone is.

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ok… thanks

Yeah but this means that there will be no “looking for this controller” threads which clog up the forum. And makes it easier for everyone as a whole.

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I personally have nothing against it. I was just saying what happens

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From now on if I have an issue I’ll PM you and have a rant at you first :)

Sorry once more the internet strikes again in terms of misunderstanding

Please don’t ( Unless its about me). Just go rant at an ATC mod or the controller involved.

I know it may off been a joke, Just checking

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Yes it was a joke :) Just clarifying

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It matters because most controllers wouldn’t want to be contacted by 20+ people after every session, only to justify and explain things that could be figured out from browsing #tutorials for more than 5 minutes. It kinda sucks the fun out of controlling when you have to defend every command you sent to pilots who may only have a tiny bit of insight into what was actually occurring during that situation.


Ok! I thought you just meant controllers who had the same username as they did within IF, so are technically already listed. Thanks! :)

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