IFATC Dallas Center

Just wondering why I got reported and kicked off the (Dallas Center) Expert server after 30 seconds of not changing to the heading that was suggested by the expert Air traffic controllers ?? As I proceeded to change my heading I got booted and a violation… This happened during the American Airlines Live Event. 😒 I may just cancel my subscription…

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Simply contact your controller which you can find here: Infinite Flight ATC

Look in your logbook for the username of the controller

Or you can contact @appeals

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Your controller was @lucaviness . I’m sure he would like to explain what happened via Pm.

Why not let the controller respond to this thread? Other people might also learn something…
The best way to learn is learning from other’s mistakes.


Because in public is not the place for a controller to explain a report about someone. That should be handled in a pm


I’ll also add this.

The reason one person is violated is only the controller’s and pilot’s business, not other people’s.


The IFATC team was planning for Misha’s group flight into KDFW I was one of those controllers planning for that. @lucaviness was your controller. And @appeals would be your best bet of fixing things.

For future reference. Events like that with HIGH traffic of inbounds, IFATC controllers will report you on the spot. It’s just because they have bigger things to worry about.

Don’t worry tho. This is a great way to learn for the future. I’m sure you will get it figured out.


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It’s an instruction, not a demand.


Hi, Randy! I’ll PM you!

See highlighted post or await for a response from @lucaviness. Thanks!