IFATC credentials!

Hello Infinite Flight Community!

This topic is a little different from the others, as indicated by the subject – I’ve officially obtained my IFATC credentials!

I joined Infinite Flight earlier this year, and after 12 days since my initial contact with my recruiter and 7 days of training, I have successfully passed both my IFATC written and practical tests. I am thrilled to begin my journey as a controller on the Expert Server!

I want to express my gratitude to the individuals who supported me throughout this process. Firstly, a shoutout to @Drummer, who was my first recruiter. Unfortunately, I had to leave Infinite Flight for a while, and we couldn’t continue together. However, you did an amazing job as a recruiter, and I appreciate your assistance!

Secondly, huge thanks to @TaipeiGuru, my last recruiter in the process. Our interaction may have been brief, but I can’t overlook how helpful you were in answering my inquiries and finding the best trainer possible!

As mentioned earlier, I had the best trainer in, @RafaelPadilla. Thank you for providing resources, investing your time, and contributing to making me the controller I am now. Your efforts were truly worthwhile!

Last but not least, a special mention to the best friend and flight mate ever, @clk1290. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for meeting you on that KIAH-KORD flight. Thank you for joining all my sessions, offering motivation, and being there through ups and downs. As I always say at the end of each flight, it’s always a pleasure flying with you, and I look forward to controlling together soon!

Thanks Infinite Flight Community!



Congratulations on joining the team!


Welcome to the team, have a great time!

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Congratulations and welcome to the team @Aviator_Enthusiast!

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Congrats and welcome to the team!

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Congratulations and Welcome mate!

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Congratulations! 🍾

I am working on getting re-certified myself. I had to take a break from Infinite Flight for about a year. I have just recently returned and hope to get back into the game and IFATC again.


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Might be a little late but welcome to the team 🍾

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