IFATC controlling

Hello is there a way I can speak to a IFATC of suggesting airports for expert

You can speak to Tyler_Shelton via PM as he’s the one that makes the schedules.

But isn’t the controlling Individual people that open up just like TS

IFATC abide by the schedule. We cannot Open outside of it without specific permission.

I’m confused, you want ATC on TS?

IFATC have to follow their schedule, and are not allowed to control on TS

Not saying that @anon24319801 but I’m saying that isn’t it true that IFATC go on expert and control anywhere they don’t usually have to follow the schedule. So therefore I want to speak to a IFATC and see if they can open up one day to airports that need attention

That is completely untrue. We’re required to abide by the schedule.

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Ok sorry for the confusion but I just wanted to let a IFATC if he can open at KWHP. One day

As I said, you can speak to Tyler_Shelton to maybe feature an airport you’d like. But it might not happen immediately.

As @DiamondGaming4 said, IFATC must follow the schedule.

Ok thanks. Sorry if I sounded rude or mean

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No worries :)

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