IFATC controlling question

after passing the tests of IFATC,how can i control bravo airports in expert sever?

After passing your IFATC practical test, you’ll be granted the Apprentice role where you’ll be limited to airports that are no larger than a Class Charlie. During your first few days, typically not exceeding a week, you are to use this time to show that you are able to apply what you’ve shown in your practical test on the Expert Server.

Once you’ve received a message from Tyler notifying you of your promotion to Specialist, you can open any airport on the Expert Server on local frequencies. However, you will be placed into the checkride pool where IFATC Supervisors and Moderators may come by to see that you’re upholding the quality that’s expected of you.

Once again, if all goes well, you’ll receive a message from Tyler notifying you that you’ve completed your checkride phase. After receiving this message, you’re fully qualified to open any airport that includes a local frequency, including Class Bravo airports.


thank you very much for helping me!


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