IFATC Controller’s Progress

In the IFATC each person has their own roles and rank. You can advance to the following ranks when you are part of the team, in order.

  • Apprentice
  • Specialist
  • Officer
  • Supervisor

Each advancement in rank is a crowing achievement in one’s IFATC career, some requiring testing like apprentice and officer, and others like Specialist and Supervisor which you are promoted to.

There are also roles such as a Trainer, Tester and Recruiter, which are hand picked by the higher ups, help bring in the new people through the recruitment and training programs.

Everyone remembers when they were promoted or given a specific role within the team. It’s not something you forget. Here is a list of the controllers that wanted to share their stories of when they joined and when they made their way through the ranks. Maybe it will inspire you to join.


I joined the Infinite Flight community in December of 2017. In March of 2018 I became IFATC after training by myself and with the help of my trainer, @JoshFly8, and recruiter, @Brandon_Sandstrom.

With the help, again, of @JoshFly8 I became an Officer in April of 2018. I then got the amazing opportunity to become a Trainer in August of 2018.


I joined the community in 2016. Enjoyed flying but never considered IFATC.

Then I took a temporary break in 2018 only to return in March of 2019.

I joined IFATC on May 27, 2019 after passing my practical. I was trained by @Luke_M and my recruiter was @BluePanda900.

After months as a specialist, I applied for Radar training. I trained with @Chris_Hoover and passed my radar practical on November 9, 2019. My recruiter was @JoshFly8.

I got promoted to IFATC trainer on February 14, 2020.

I’ve enjoyed every moment and really think you guys should attempt to join IFATC!


I started becoming active on the forum in early 2019. After @Trio encouraged me to apply for IFATC, I took the leap and passed my practical on August 7th, 2019, with the help of my recruiter (@Adam_Williams) and trainer (@TAI).

After a few months, I decided to apply for radar training in November of 2019, and contacted @AdamCallow to begin the process. @Aquila took me under his wing, and on February 29th, 2020, I became an IFATC Officer.

Joining IFATC was truly the best decision I’ve made since I got Infinite Flight. I highly recommend applying; controlling is tons of fun, and you get to build relationships with people from all over the world. You won’t regret it, I promise. See you in the IF skies!


I joined the IFC in June 2019, and never really became active here until September, since I was on a hiatus from Infinite Flight from July-September.

At first, I wasn’t really interested in IFATC, due to my high liking of piloting and underestimation of my ATC abilities. However, in November, I decided, why not, give it a shot, you’ll never know.

I contacted @Adam_Williams in December to get started with the application process, studied up, and took the practical. I passed with flying colors on my first try.

This motivated me to practice harder and harder to actually become an IFATC. I took the IFATC practical in February, and barely missed passing.

I studied even harder, and took it again in March, this time, with a superb result.

I know I am a new controller to the expert server skies, but I have learned so much, met so many new people, and had great times controlling, flying, and having fun with this great group of people.

I have recently become a specialist, which has been a major accomplishment for me.

IFATC is not about the controlling itself, but the people around it. This is why I have no regrets going through the long 4 month process to join IFATC. This is why I encourage you, your buddy, and your buddy’s buddy to join IFATC.

Join us today, you definitely won’t regret it!


I joined IFATC in November 2017. Tom was my recruiter. A few weeks after this, I was added by Tyler to help participate in tests.

Over the months, I grew in my skills, moved planes around, made friends, and helped out. In July of 2018, I was approached by @JoshFly8 who asked if I was interested in becoming a trainer. I leaped at the opportunity because I love helping people, and I was super happy that I built up enough trust in the community and IFATC. After trainings by @Chief305, I became an Officer in August 2018 and was then added to the training team.
I then made a horrible decision of taking a break from April to August 2019. I was removed from my role of Trainer. I came back in August because I missed everything and everyone. I then became a Trainer again in November 2019.

I am continuing to work hard, learn, better myself, and offer a hand to anyone who needs it. It’s who I am, I would not be satisfied if I’m not helping anyone. Training others is so beneficial to me. It brings me joy to see them progressing, and knowing you’ve helped them get to where they’re at is so rewarding. I’m not stopping there.

Joining IFATC is one of (or the) best thing I’ve ever done in Infinite Flight. It’s connected me with so many people from all different backgrounds and walks of life all over the world. It’s honestly so amazing learning about new cultures, people’s stories, and working alongside some of the best damn controllers out there.

I want to thank my fellow controllers. Without you guys I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. We’re constantly working as a team, sharing new ideas, creating strategies, having laughs, and building each other up.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the boss behind it all, @Tyler_Shelton. Tyler is everything a leader can be and more. The things he has done for IFATC, me, and so many other people is amazing. Sometimes, I don’t know how he puts up with us all. If you’re reading this, THANK YOU!

To those out there looking to join IFATC, definitely do it. You learn so much. You won’t regret it!


I downloaded IF in 2016, I came across it just by having a look through the app store on a bored day once. I lost and regained interest a lot of times and only decided to get pro 11 months ago.

Even then, I was disappointed. I had to work all my way up to grade 3 to fly on expert server. So that’s exactly what I did, I worked my way up to grade 2 and training server, then eventually managed to hit grade 3. Even then I was disappointed. Why didn’t I have ATC access on expert server? Why were airports with the most inbounds changing everyday? I stuck with it, then once I got a ‘please check tutorials on the forum for assistance using ATC instructions’ I figured the forum might answer some of my questions. And it did, I found out about the IFATC recruiting and the ATC schedule. I looked around a bit on incognito for a while, then decided to join in August.

In December, I decided to give IFATC a try. I contacted @Adam_Williams, and he gave me the link to the written test. I thought I could pass it in no time at all, but when I took it I rushed and used half of my time, failing with 76%. After 2 and and a bit weeks due to the recruiting pause over Christmas I took it again, but focused on managing my time a bit better and not diving straight in, and even then barely got through with 80%. After that, i applied for training and @matt contacted me and si we started training. After a month and a half, took my practical and passed. It was an amazing sense of accomplishment I felt when I received the news, from not even knowing how expert server worked to becoming IFATC. It really is one of the best things I’ve done in IF, controlling and co-ordinating with other people, it’s been a great laugh. Thank you to my fellow controllers, for being part of a great team and working together.

To all contemplating on IFATC, go for it. I promise you that you won’t regret it. I’ll stop boring you all now. See you from the control towers!


I’ve had Infinite Flight since October 2016 and joined the IFC in December of that year. I did a lot of flying and was a combination of excited and scared when I finally reached Grade 3 and could fly on the esteemed Expert Server. I soon learned the basics and had reached Grade 4 (a grade which I have since lost) and was itching to get more out of the app.

I had seen that community members could join IFATC, so I checked the requirements, hopped in the Training Server to get the necessary operations, and contacted @Ghamsz in August of 2017.

Having gone in with the attitude that this would be a piece of cake, I was shocked when I saw the results of my first written test. 64%, which is a fail. The hit to my ego was good - I realized I would have to work for it, and I did. I spent the required two weeks studying and, 14 days after the first written test, I passed the second one. Next was the practical.

I took my first practical with Tom Grollman and failed. I took the second one after a break and failed again. I was told I’d have to contact a trainer to prepare me, so I was sent to @JoshFly8 for advice. I had a few sessions with him and was given notes every time. Due to my traveling and each of our various outside lives and conflicts, I was forwarded to @emil for further training, but by January of 2018, the process seemed like it had gone on forever, and I stopped asking for help and ended my journey there.

In February of 2019, I felt that motivation once again. I contacted @Brandon_Sandstrom with the intention of starting over. I passed the written test (barely) the first time around, and took my first practical test in March. I failed. After a lot of trying to find a time that worked for both of us, I finally took the test a second time, and passed. I was so excited and super happy to finally be a part of IFATC.

The road since hasn’t been perfect; I’ve done a lot of learning and still have more to go. I’ve loved talking with and getting to know the people behind the text-to-speech commands, and am considering starting my Officer training in the very near future.


Not going to go into great detail regarding my IFATC career, but here are some important dates and notes.

  • Started my recruiting process in November of 2019 with Josh
  • Failed my first written test with a 76%, but passed my next one with a 96%
  • Had @Ethan_Hansen as my trainer, he was fantastic!
  • Failed a lot of practical tests…
  • After some time, I finally passed my practical test on February 11, 2020.
  • I was promoted to specialist on February 23, 2020, and am currently at that stage

I highly suggest that you become an IFATC member. It is one of the best groups of people in all of IF, and being able to control the expert skies is really a truly rewarding feeling!


Before joining IFATC, I thought it was actually something you were paid for. I didn’t used to fly on expert nor was I much on the IFC so obviously I didn’t know much of infinite flight. Eventually, I got tired of people not following instructions on TS so I decided to apply to IFATC. My recruiter was @tom_Grollmam. I passed my theory and practical first try and was set on the 27th November 2017. So 2.5 years ago. Later I decided I’d try approach. I had never controlled that frequency so I didn’t know much about it. My trainer was @Matt93 who did a great job. I passed the theory right away, but my practical I had a couple intercepts too high. In the end I passed on the 11th March 2018. My tester was @GHamsz who’s, I think, the best approach controller here. He’s got a ton of experience! Since then, not much change… always learning new techniques and trying the best terrain around the world. Joining IFATC was definitely a great decision and has been a very nice adventure. For anyone looking to get more involved into IF that’s definitely something to consider. You’ll learn rapid decision taking, active memory and team work. The best off all is the great team of controllers always there to help you. If you try and don’t immediately succeed, don’t give up! In the end you’ll come back with much more knowledge. The best controllers aren’t the ones that passes all their tests first go!

Please message a regular to get added to this post if you don’t have the ability to edit. Do not comment below to get added but if you have any accomplishments feel free to share of course!

Do you want to be a part of this amazing ATC effort? Join here !


As someone who in the process for IFATC the head is still up for me. Hope it inspires more people. Great job.



This is a strong statement. I still consider all the members there I talked to daily ‘friends’. It’s great to see all the members I used to talk to on a daily basis, make their way up the charts into IFATC, and into the professional, trusted area of Infinite Flight.

I see controllers everyday, and think 'I used to talk to them daily, or ‘I inspired them to become IFATC’, or ‘I remember ghosti… Let’s leave that one out’ 😅


I’m gonna put this in my IFC joke book LMAO 😂

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Oh yes, still remember those good ole’ days. I’ve been a part of IFATC group for almost two years now however, haven’t kept track of my promotions. At times, I think one can get lost within the group, focusing on obtaining advanced positions and forgetting why they’re part of IFATC in the first place.

My best advice to those wanting to fill larger roles is by focusing and performing to their best ability with what they have now, and those advanced positions will fall into their lap later.


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