IFATC Controller Request Thread

If you have been ghosted on Infinite Flight and you would like to get it removed but don’t know the controllers name. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your logbook and select the flight that you were ghosted on.
  2. Find the “controller name”
  3. Come here and reply with the name of the controller and we will happily help you find the controller.

Reply below!

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You could use this wonderful thread by Trio. :)

Or you could just use this one instead of looking through every IFATC controller.

What about
“A guide to Appealing Ghosts?”

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And use the community search function and find the controller or PM the moderation team to find them for you :)

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How? What?

It’s easy. You click on the search icon, put a @ in front and paste the controller’s name, which can be found in the logbook.


Each user is encouraged to PM the controller. If a controller is unavailable or unknown, they’re more than welcome to PM a moderator for further assistance.