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Hello everyone.
I am interested in becoming IFATC.

A few questions.

  1. Do you HAVE to stick to timings and do hours of IFATC at one time.

Also how can I contact a scout? I go to there profile but I can’t find any message button. How can I text them? Thanks everyone.

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Hey @WillBA,

It´s great to see you wanting to join the IFATC Team! To answer your questions:

There is no time limit to when you can control. Open at any time of the day for a minimum of 1 hour at an airport highlighted in the Weekly IFATC Schedules such as this one:

You can contact a Recruiter through the application form linked in our IFATC Recruitment Post wich can be found here:

Thank you for your interrest and I hope to see you in the Recruitment Process soon, should you have any further questions you can always shoot me or any other Recruiter a PM here on the Forum.

Edit: By posting and contributing to this Forum for a few hours your Trust Level will increase which will allow you to send Personal Messages.


Also, you should be TL1 to apply to IFATC to find an IFATC recruiter. So please be active in this forum to get basic. Good luck😉

Oh right. TL I see thanks

I arrived late 😔

But go to the links that the other users sent to you :)

To be TL1 you need to be very active in the community, like reading posts, creating topics, and have fun!

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No it’s fine. Ok I will check them. I need a trust level to message people. How long will it take do you know?

For me it took about two days to be TL1.

But normally I think it would take about 1 week or less depending of how active you are in the community.

I see. How do I build this up? By posting.

It shouldn’t take too long, just like some posts, reply to a few topics, and you’ll be bumped up.


Got it. Thanks. Does posting myself help?

I think so.

You can also make an ATC Tracking Thread so we can test out your skills before you join IFATC!

Have a look at this guide here in how to make one!

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Ok, why shouldn’t I I open EGLL, it’s my local airport I spot at and I’m great at ATC there. I’ll go with it. Thanks.

A lot of trolls there since its one of the busiest airports in the server

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