IFATC Connection Issue?

Today, as I was approaching into London Heathrow, I connected to London Heathrow Tower to request landing. Even though I was connected to the ATC tower, Heathrow Tower continued to ask me to join even though I was already connected. I kept requesting to land and followed by that the tower controller kept asking me to join the frequency I was already on. I decided to go around and declare a missed approach when I was reported and ghosted as shown in this picture. I’m not sure what happened in the ATC controllers point of view but on my screen I was connected to tower frequency and received a false warning.

Sometimes this occurs because of a server connection issue. There is also the possibility for ATC to disconnect pilots while being unable to communicate. This sort of ghosting doesn’t result in a lvl 2/3 violation. I don’t know why the controller used a lvl3.The best way is to send your replay of the flight to @appeals team/ and contact the controller via PM. They take care of the situation and maybe remove your violation.
Best of luck.

You are not the first one who experienced that:

This is just a bug in the wording of the message that is known and will be fixed, the controller doesn’t choose what level the violation is.

For unable to communicate you aren’t issued a level 1, 2 or 3 violation, you’re just kicked from your flight.

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