IFATC confusion

Today I was just attempting a loop around the world in a 747-8 with the same destination airport as the one I departed from, KATL on expert server, and after I took off I was handed off to departure. Departure thought I was doing patterns because I had the same desination airport as arrival, so how should I respond to this to not be ghosted?

BTW the ATC was @Adam_Macaulay

Can one help?

Well, I think you should file 3 seperate FPL’s for every 1/3 loop around the globe.

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Just fly your route as normal. If the controller sees you not doing patterns he’ll leave you alone. He won’t ghost you unless you are actually doing patterns without permission.

The dep controller was @Adam_Williams btw.

Thanks for the help!

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Departure is different. Even if you weren’t doing patterns you still need to follow vectors given to you by Departure, like the rest of the Aircraft around you, to provide separation and get you all to your final destination. As far as I’m concerned you didn’t do that. Message me for further details.