IFATC Chase Harrison

I’m unable to locate your community user ID to PM you to thank you for an outstanding display of control of EGVN. Even after it had become quite busy, you stayed with it and used your commands. Extended pattern entry’s, go arounds, arranging inbound and patterned pilots with on the fly fast paced sequencing, all while working ground and flinging planes at a normal rate. Nice work, and Thank You.


Perhaps post it here on the schedule instead :)
Anyways, it’s great your commemorating the great controllers we have 🙂


I second this. Top Job.


Agreed. Absolutely outstanding work from them.

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@CyLyric Thank you very much! I am Chase Harrison, the controller at EGVN earlier today, the reason you were unable to locate me is because my Username is a bit… Unexpected I should say. I will be looking into how to change it so that way it is easier for others to find. Thank you for stopping by! I opened EGVN for Infinite Flight Aviation Experts - Global Air Force(IFAE-GAF), which I am a member of as well as IFATC, so that our Pilots stationed in Europe could get some training with ATC and busy air traffic which they definitely got. I was expecting to be just mainly our GAF pilots but I’m glad there was a lot of traffic because it was a bit like training for me with that many arrivals/pattern and having No Approach controller to handle them.


Exceptional work. The volume rose significantly in a short amount of time and I kinda wondered how it would play out, and you handled it as a pro would. I’ve seen it turn for the worse before under such circumstances. Thanks again.

@CyLyric It wasn’t just me. It was also the Pilot’s who did an exceptional job following ATC commands, being aware of thier surroundings, and maintaining proper spacing. If it wasn’t for them then my job would have been way more difficult. Thanks again for stopping by!


So… who was it? @anon29364950 or @ChaseHarrison-IFATC? I am honestly confused.

Looks like he made a new account so he would be easier to find with his username. Although he could’ve asked a mod to change it. It’s the same person.

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