IFATC center

Just a suggestion. There was a lot of airports for IFATC but only 2 are active, which I’m 100% fine with. but the airspace is very busy. so i was wondering if any IFATC center contenders can cover New Zealand. Also its only on Airspace so only 1 control is needed. I feel the center would just add to the realism.

Only If its possible and your aloud tho.

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Keep in mind IFATC are volunteers. If someone wants to open it they can! Around this time people aren’t as active and there’s not much traffic. Most of the planes in center airspace are most likely away from there device so it’s not a busy from a controller perspective as it seems.

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yea i know i was just asking

I think there isn’t enough aircraft for center in the New Zealand area. Usually, centers are commonly controlled from 0600Z-1900Z :)

I saw NZ center controlled earlier today for a bit!

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ok thank you its just really quit as I’m hoping around. its very windy where i am landing rn.

From now until region change its the boneyard shift so any radar services are unlikely.

ok. thanks

Closed per OP request.