IFATC being unrealistic

Hello All, Madrid one of the airports open for today! IFATC is using the wrong runway for arrivals : runways for arrival in use at madrid today : 32L / 32R

can someone explain why they are not using this runway ?

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IFATC is using the 32’s and 36’s because if they switch runways, it could cause delay.


well it’s very unrealistic either way…

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Sometimes you might not be able to use the active runways

Well IFATC has to manage the large amounts of inbounds so sometime you have to keep arrivals separated
I flew to Madrid earlier and landed at 32L

With many inbounds it’s important to keep separation btwn arrivals and departures

Sometimes you can’t keep deps and arrivals on same runway …
It’s to ease traffic…
I don’t think that’s unrealistic but it’s something they r doing good to help flow of traffic …😀


Contact the controller and he’ll give you a better explanation on why he is using those runways. @SamC was controlling last time I checked but it might have changed.

You’ll often find that IFATC uses slightly unrealistic procedures to accommodate the high traffic loads we face. If you’re hoping to use realistic procedures, I’d suggest flying to a slightly quieter airport or an airport without ATC.

Thanks for your understanding!


Alright everyone i understand now and i appreciate your help! :)

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IRL they are using 34s for arrivals and 36s for deps atm. I’ve just checked on FR24

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It would be @Sashaz55 controlling tower and @Maxim controlling approach. The runways are like this right now because we are dealing with a runway change. It will be different soon. Also @tunamkol I’m not controlling anymore:)


But they have changed runways because on the TAF it’s indicated that the wind will come from 180 soon.

Realistic procedures are based on realistic amounts of traffic, and traffic can sometimes exceed the realistic amounts, leading to the use of unrealistic runway operations. In the end, it’s not Sochi where terrain dictates the used runways, so if using an unrealistic yet safe runway means better efficiency, then we’ll chose to use it.


Hey man! I was your controller today, we had a good amount of traffic this morning and we had to deal with it in a way that might not be 100% realistic. The traffic levels were pretty high and we were also in a situation without approach. If you ever have any questions don’t be shy to send me a PM. I’ll always be up for suggestions. Have a great rest of your day!