IFATC BaldEagle

Nice job at LGA. Well done dude!


Welcome to the Community!

Topics like this are better suited in PM.

Whilst you are a New Member and currently cannot create Private Messages, keep creating quality topics and you’ll be able to in no time. Using the ‘@’ symbol, and then the users’s username, tags the user and notifies them about it. For example, if I wanted to tag @BaldEagle, it would notify him of my post. Using this feature helps a lot!

Once again, welcome, and enjoy your stay ;) (or perhaps I should say “flight.” It is an aviation community after all).


Thanks @bensonb. Wilco.

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Also, once you become a Basic Member, if you click the reply button underneath someone’s comment or thread, it notifies the person who originally posted it. No need to tag anyone in situations like that. ;)

Thanks for the help.

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If I may ask…why isn’t it ok to give a compliment publicly?


I also just finished my flight at LGA. Thanks alot @BaldEagle for the awesome service! 😆

@bensonb I believe its okay to make these kind of topics publicly as long as it dont talk regarding ATC Complaints (ATC Complaints should be talked in PM). I think his hardwork and other IFATCs should be given a 👍 (I honestly agree with Chris on his comment below)


Personally I have no problem with giving positive feedback on the forum. IFATC works hard to provide great service and it’s always nice to see our hard work payed off. Some people don’t like how it clogs the forum (?) but I don’t see a problem if your feedback is positive and thorough. Hope this helps!


Well, I don’t want to start any trouble. was just curious as to why a thumbs up should not be given here.


Welcome to the community!

Yes, PMs should be used to send messages to new people. There are some exceptions to making a new topic on ATC topic, such as saying you are active on TS1 and/or you are talking about something ATC related. No worries though, I made a mistake when I first came to forum as well :)

Welcome to the community Karis C

Since this is just such a small topic there is really no need for it to clutter up the forum. If you really want to congratulate this person send the a PM, it works much better!


roger that igsfly. makes sense.

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Anyway, Welcome to the forums. I hope you can enjoy your stay in here. Dont be hesitate to ask one of our regulars regarding the forum 😉. We would love to see your contributions to the forum in the future.

Your Contribution is really meaningful in building our community 😊


What! @SingaporeAirlines, a 787-9 in LGA 😮!

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Sorry but I dont have a realistic livery to place it in LGA. Someone even spawned in A380 if you look closely to that picture =P

runs away before someone tells me its unrealistic…

cough 787-9 cough


Karis, thanks for your kind words and thank you for flying. Welcome to the forum and I’ll be looking forward to seeing you flying again soon.



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