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Good day! I was always interested in being an ATC and I am pretty active on Training server, but now I am interested in stepping up and getting IFATC… Because of that I got some questions regarding IFATC.

First, how does the application process work and how much from the public available ATC rules do I need to know (I noted some down and read the whole instructions twice) in order to have the first information needed to apply as an IFATC? Do I need to know them by heart from the beginning on?

Thanks for helping and I hope to be able to provide you with a good service soon! Have a great one!



As much as you can. The more familiar you are with them, the higher the chances of you passing are. Good luck!

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Thank you so much! And in advance? Do I already need them all or will I get some explained in the process?

Hey there!

The first step is to check out this thread and make sure you meet all requirements. You then have to message one of the listed recruiters with all of your information.

After you message a recruiter, you must take the written knowledge test. To study for this test, make sure you’ve read the manual and watched the YouTube videos on the Infinite Flight channel.

I’d recommend having a pen and pencil handy!

Here’s the thread to contact recruiters:


After taking your written, you may be able to apply for IFATC training. In order to get training, you must have scored at least a 65% on your written.

Apply for training here:

You don’t need to have every procedure memorized, but it is recommended you have a solid grasp on fundamentals before applying.

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Hello! I highly suggest contacting a IFATC trainer before starting the process! I personally started the testing process first, probably before I was ready, and that delayed the entire process. Now I am currently working with a trainer, and I think I finally am ready to take the test at the level of expertise they require.

Of course if you think you already know all there is to know about ATC you don’t need a trainer. However, that’s exactly what I originally thought as well. Turned out I didn’t!

Just remembered you need to take the written first now before contacting a trainer. Whoops. Either way, train before the practical. It’s a huge help.

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Thanks a lot for helping me out! I currently meet all requirements but I will first train a bit more and watch your YouTube Tutorials on ATC. But I will contact you as soon as I feel ready

I will! Thanks for helping!

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That’s great to hear!

I am not an IFATC recruiter though, only a trainer.

To get started you should contact one of the recruiters listed on the “ATC Recruiting” thread.


Ok I will! Again, thanks for being so helpful

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