IFATC ATIS not responding

I was approaching at KSFO a few days ago and I tuned into ATIS, and there were no messages. I’m not going to say the controller name, but I’m just gonna put it out there.


When a controller first opens, they are flooded with messages from everyone that immediately tunes to their frequency. In order to provide the best service possible they prioritize the pilots first. Once they have time, then they will make an ATIS.

You just have to be patient with them


No, the controller was active for a bit. I asked for landing on RWY10L, and they said to check ATIS for airfield information:/

Hmm, they must’ve accidentally forgotten to publish it then. If that’s the case, take a look at the runways everyone else is using and go with the flow. Also as a side note, you’ll pretty much only see 28s in use for landings, so don’t expect the 10s.


If you know who the controller was, you could try sending them a PM and ask for clarification :)

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