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IFATC at San Juan - Kevin Soto1502 🇵🇷


Once again our wonderful ATC supervisor has came up with another great idea. In Spite of Stay at Home due to the pandemic, Tyler has made Sunday Stay at Home with IFATC on Infinite Flight. Sunday allows us IFATC to show our spirit from our home countries. SAs IFATC have a variety of controllers the amount of options is endless. Thus I would like to welcome you all to the buissesst airport in all the Caribbean, Luiz Munoz Marin International Airport located in none other than the beautiful Island of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Wikipedia Information on SJU

Aeropuerto Internacional Luis Muñoz Marín, is a joint civil-military international airport named for Puerto Rico’s first democratically elected governor and located in suburban (Carolina) three miles (five kilometres) southeast of (San Juan). It is the busiest airport in the Caribbean region by passenger traffic. Over 4 million passengers board a plane at the airport per year according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The airport is owned by the [Puerto Rico Ports Authority], a [public–private partnership] which was awarded a lease by the [government of Puerto Rico] to operate and manage the airport for 40 years beginning in 2013. SJU is the second international airport to be privatized in the United States or its territories, and, as of 2013, is the only currently privatized airport in the nation. Taxis and rental cars can transport travelers to and from the airport. The airport serves as a gateway to the Caribbean islands. SJU covers 1,600 acres (647 ha) of land

My Connection with SJU

Being Puerto Rican make me very proud and filled with pride. Not only does our culture stand out but everything we do and anything we connect it to we taker pride. I was born and raised in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico and lived most of my life there. As a kid I would viisit thAeroparqueue (Airport Park) to watch the planes come and go. When I was only 5 years old I fell in love with Aviation and all my live as a kid remembering the good days in PR I still live up to be what I do best. I take pride in being a Puerto Rican and love my hometown as it is a truly outstanding culture, and the airlines don’t forget about us as well.

TJSJ Airport Information

Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport is Puerto Rico’s main international gateway and its main connection to the mainland United States. Domestic flights fly between Carolina and other local destinations, including Culebra, Mayagüez and Vieques. The airport is accessed from the San Juan district of Hato Rey, the island’s financial district, via the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge. Old San Juan is accessed via the Baldorioty de Castro Expressway. The airport serves as the Caribbean hub for Cape Air, Air Sunshine, and Seaborne Airlines, as well as a focus city for JetBlue Airways. JetBlue is the largest carrier in San Juan, with 51 daily flights on an average day. TJSJ also serves as a big GA spot for GA flights.
See a list of all the airliners that serve SJU here

Airport Elevation: 9 ft.

Active Runways: 08 / 10 (Note: 08 / 10 Are always the active runways due to winds, on the likely case that we have reverse operations Runway 26 / 28 will be in use)

Runway Information:

Runway Dimensions Heading Elevation Surface
08/26 10400 x 193 ft. 080° / 260° 7-8 ft. Asphalt
10/28 8016 x 150 ft. 103° / 283° 9-10 ft. Concrete
STARs, SIDs,and Other Charts

Click here for more details

Featured SID: Acony Three
Featured STAR: Beano Three

Airport Diagram:

Suggested Routes

Short Haul

Airline: jetBlue

Route: San Juan, PR (SJU) - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (SDQ)

Flight Time: 38 Minutes

Aircraft: Airbus A320-200 or Embraer E190



Medium Haul

Airline: Frontier / jetBlue / Southwest/ Spirit

Route : San Juan, PR (SJU) - Orlando, Florida (MCO)

Flight Time: 3 Hours & 5 Minutes

Aircraft: Airbus A320-200 / Airbus A321-200 / Boeing 737-700 / Boeing 737-800


Long Haul

Airline: Iberia

Route: San Juan, PR (SJU) - Madrid, Spain (MAD)

Flight Time: 7 Hours & 50 Minutes

Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
(Note: Iberia operates the A330 but no Iberia A330 so switched for A350)

Flight Plan: TJSJ JETSS1 JETSS YIYYO M525 SOCCO FIVZE 3300N/05000W 3900N/04000W 4200N/03000W 4200N/02000W DETOX OGERO UZ409 TLD LEMD


Terminal A / jetBlue Terminal

Allegiant Air (Gates A1-A2)
Copa Airlines (Gates A1-A2)
jetBlue (Gates A3-A8)

Terminal B

Air Canada (B02)
Delta Airlines (Gates B9-B11)
Southwest Airlines (B03/B05/B07)
Spirit Airlines (B02/B04)
WestJet (B02)
United Airlines (B06/B08)

Terminal C

American Airlines (Gates C04/C06/C08)
Avianca (Gates C02)
Frontier (Gates C03/C05/C07/C09)
Iberia (Gates C07/C10A)
United Airlines (Gates C10A)

Terminal D (GA/Charters Only)

*Charters and GA fly out of Terminal D

Fun Fact: Did you know American Airlines one of the biggest airliners in America, once had a huge hub operating out of SJU. American had the hub from 1986 -2013 for 27 Years operating at the now Terminal D. They used that hub for connections from the mainland to the caribbean operating under American Eagle using the ATR72s.
American over the years had to cut down on it’s San Juan hub due to American financial problems and gradual decline. To this day we Puerto Ricans have not forgotten about the golden times American Airlines brought to SJU…


Opening Details

I expect to be opening around 1730z to around 2030z. Ofcourse I plan on staying open as long as possible thats just a expected time incase something happens which I cannot control anymore. If your flying short and long hauls expect ATC most of the after noon. And for any long hauls aim for around 2200-2300z. So expect SJU to be active all afternoon long.


Thanks for taking the time to read this well together post! I know all of you are excited to get flying on Sunday to the different airports and try something new. So it would be a pleasure and mean a lot if you would choose SJU as your getaway for the day. Please let me know if their is any other information you would wish to know about and I can provide. I will provide a fun poll in the comments below for all of you to be in shock about another fun fact! As always stay safe, wash your hands, and STAY AT HOME WITH IFATC…

Hoping to see all of you at TJSJ on Sunday…

– Kevin Soto


Image Sources

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Last Picture
Short Haul Photo
Medium Haul Photo
Long Haul Photo


Fun Fact

Which former US Airliner was had an operated a hub at SJU before ceasing operations?

  • TWA
  • Eastern Airlines
  • Continental Airlines
  • US Airways

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Poll will be closed on sunday upon opening time!!

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Nice post Bori, light San Juan up!


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Muchas gracias! ;) San Juan looking good

Hahahaha im here Nate😜

In San Juan terminal A is no longer for Jetblue only last time I went back home to Puerto Rico there was air canada and west jet there

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Yeah but they still own the Terminal now which is very cool because jetBlue is a big operator at SJU

The whole airport got remodeled too

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Yeah Terminal D is getting a renovation I hope to see more airlines like back in the day. Thatd be great for Puerto Rico

I’m gonna fly !

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Wonderful glad to have you come by :)

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Back in 2015, I went to San Juan for a vacation. It was a great experience. And I flew JetBlue from JFK-SJU (A321) and SJU-JFK (A320)!

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I’ll definitely try to stop by!

I actually knew that fact about AA and the ATRs. Back in 2007, I flew into Nevis on an American Eagle ATR. Can’t remember which airport we left from, but I guarantee it was SJU.

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Yeah whenever you fly in or out of SJU your guaranteed a view😍

Yeah I never got to fly on the ATRs but back in 2004 took a trip to MCO on the A300😱 sounds weird coming only knowing they retired them like 7-8 years ago

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Lol all good

I may have flown on the A300 with AA, don’t remember 😅
But I know I took a few flights on their ATR. Also flew it Miami-Key West a whole bunch

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Yeah their ATR fleet was perfect fit for the caribbean those days were awesome sadly they are a thing in the past🥺

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