IFATC at New York Approach

I’ve been flying in the air for more than hour, requesting visual approach, and each and every time, the IFATC person in charge, @Jeffrey1o2, has been sending me “Follow instruction or you will be ghosted” messages. This is honestly not done. I tried to land at EWR, and he keeps redirecting me to JFK.

Not only that, but he keeps giving me ILS approaches. I’ve been requesting visual approaches this entire time. What do I do now?

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Did you get ghosted?

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If he gives you ILS rather than visual, then take the ILS. It’s not going to kill you. A ghost will.

Other than that, PM the controller. Change callsign to ‘CHCK-IFC’ or something if you are desperate. He isn’t in control of EWR, so shouldn’t be his responsibility unless you are putting other aircraft in danger.


If it was night in NY I think that why he clear you for ILS

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I have a visual on you.

You seem to be fine now, and landing at KEWR. Looks like a lot of confusion happened there.

Did you choose to divert to Newark? Any reason?

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Sometimes when there’s a lot of traffic having everyone on an ILS relieves stress off the controller and saves the report airport in sight responsibility as a visual would have. You can always customize your time if it’s an issue and you can’t see. Everyone runs on different times within the app for their session.


I just want to add always follow atc instruction even if it isn’t what you want. They have a plan and they want you to follow it. They want you to do an ILS, execute it. :)


Yep, I diverted to Newark cause I felt like I was in the air for too long.

I didn’t get ghosted, but the problem was that I had requested visual approach long back and I was making my way to the runway before I started getting vectored away again. I even asked him visual approach, but then he kept saying ILS.

I went on the ILS approach, but then Tower never gave me any commands, so I went completely off the approach and I was closer to Newark, so I just asked him for visual approach at EWR, he agreed, sent me on the Unicom, and then I made my way to Newark.

Anyways, thanks @Ecoops123, @GPilot118, & @Asher!


Lol… yep. Let’s see what happens

Honestly if your flying into the NY area at night you should go with an ILS approach anyway,


No, it wasn’t night. It was afternoon-evening. The sun was setting when I landed at Newark @CaptainMejia22

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@ran. Ahh, okay then ignore my comment nvm then

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Not obligated, cloud be visual during night but it’s condition that make use ILS.
That what @TaipeiGuru explain to me.

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Well, I spoke to @Aaron.C (VHHH) and @Jeffrey1o2 (KJFK-KEWR). Turns out, they weren’t able to send me for visual on runways because I wasn’t reporting “Airport On Sight”.

However, I was reporting it everytime they asked. I sent @Jeffrey1o2 my ATC log, and from my system, it says that I did report “Airport On Sight” several times. We will be contacting the IFATC and if required, the developers to figure out why this was happening.


Just saying, reporting on your feedback from controllers isn’t really interesting us, and it’s only affecting you. What goes in the PM, should stay in the PM, and nit for us general public to hear the whole ‘story’ :)



I was answering your question as to why the confusion happened in the first place. Apparently, it turns out, it was neither mine nor the ATC controller’s fault. I was earlier confused as to why I kept being switched between Visual and ILS approaches, but it seems like it’s a totally different factor in play.

Something very weird was happening with the controllers at that time, they handled the situation very very badly and violated several rules listed on the ATC Manual. I was holding on runway 22R for over 40 minutes when during that entire time only a total of 6 planes took off and 2 planes landed. It was a very inefficient use of runway. I have noticed this power inequality in Infinite Flight’s expert server for a while now, where traffic controllers can ghost who they want but pilots can do very little to deal with bad controllers who do not follow the rules they were tested for when they applied to become expert controllers. A system needs to be put in place where inefficient controllers need to be put in check, maybe an easier way for pilots to report bad controllers who are just clogging up airports. It is unfair how controllers can ghost anyone easily yet when you have a bad controller who’s affecting over 50 pilots at once gets to get away with it. I am sure that half those controllers wouldn’t have passed their practical exams if they committed those same mistakes during their exams. It is not right that after controllers pass all exams they can get away with the amount of mistakes we saw yesterday around KJFK and many excuses get made up for them over though recording after recording shows that it was the controllers at wrong. Yet even with the tremendous amount of supporting data showing the error was on the controller’s side, it will be the pilots who will be blamed almost every time.


It might not be interesting to you but it is very interesting to many of us affected pilots, just because it does not affect you does not mean that it does not affect hundreds if not thousands of us. I think that more pilots should speak up about this. If pilots can’t get away with their mistakes and get ghosted for every mistake they commit, why do controllers get to get away with blatantly violating the ATC guidelines listed in the manual several times in just one setting. This is a community forum with a purpose to make the game a better place for all. It is not polite to shut out people who give thorough feedback on aspects of the game that need improvement, just like it is with controllers in this case. This is what the community forums were built for to begin with.

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You’re in contact with ATC. If there’s any issue, it’ll be resolved there 😊