IFATC at home

I can see good things about both options. I do agree that the schedule attracts people to different areas of the world, which is great. But, 150 planes heading to the same destination is a bit much.
IFATC At Home does spread everyone out, yes. But as soon as someone opens Heathrow/LA/JFK, disaster.
Honestly, there are pros and cons to both.

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The thing is with these IFATC at Home Days:

Pros: They are really fun!
Cons: Its a pain for scheduling flights to have ATC

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but you can schedule flight to go any airport, any medium/big size airport and you know there will be ATC

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Yh I know - but in terms of timing its a bit of a pain…

How do you know that? They can close when you’re in cruise.

If you’re talking about TS then maybe.

The schedule is there to open airports that wouldn’t generally get busy on Infinite Flight, but when ATC is active there can be 150+ arrivals. The schedule is great because it shows off the places that aren’t loved as much as they should be. I think your missing the point of it, having anywhere open quite frequently is preposterous as no one would be able to explore unknown places which is what the schedule allows people to do.

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no if everywhere is open people can choose to go anywhere and it will be open and everywhere will have planes

But that’s not how it works, people don’t want that. If people didn’t want that we wouldn’t have the schedule. Like I said above you have completely missed the point and opening anywhere would not work as there would be no diversity in where is open. The schedule allows people to discover new places.

What’s the point for the controller to open somewhere when there is no traffic?

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You need to understand how much work is put into the schedule and what it is designed to do. Tyler works extremely hard to make sure everyone is catered for in it and I believe that everyone is.

there will be traffic if controllers go everywhere

There won’t be, that is completely untrue.

Hmmmm… That’s not true. If I open a small airport what’s the chance of it being busy, so the controller can stay open?

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medium chance. and now everywhere is open, people can choose to play or do nothing but if it is special regions there only have maximum 5-6 airports open, so less people playing controllers

really look at the map do you see planes everywhere i can see that now

There’s a very low chance, it wouldn’t work and this has been pointed out by a lot of the IF Team. You will find that a lot of those planes are going to different airports, which could probably be the only arrival of the day, so why should IFATC open there?

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40.000 airports in the world.
The chance of you arriving at an airport with ATC becomes significantly smaller if this is not structured in the way it is today.

Departure is another discussion, but without structure = chaos and more users complaining about never having ATC when they arrive somewhere.

Feedback is noted though!