IFATC at home

I want to make a suggestion for ATC. We should have IFATC at home on more days. On training server, many planes go to many airports, some planes are everywhere. On expert server, normally 1 or 2 airports have too many planes and other airports have 0 planes. But if we have IFATC at home then planes go everywhere, normal amount of planes everywhere.

I think we should have IFATC at home for half of the week, and special regions for other half of the week. Training server planes go everywhere, that is better. Expert server can also be like that. So people who want to fly on expert server can be free to choose where to go and have good ATC

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I shall just leave this here.

it is not duplicate topic it is new suggestion

I know. Just repeating my point. Traffic will always keep going to EGLL KLAX or KJFK etc.

Yeah but the whole point of having a full on schedule in locations around the world is to show off some diversity and the beauty of Infinite Flight. If we had IFATC at home for half of the week people will fly to the hot spots and won’t explore as much. KLAX on these days will turn into a major hotspot.


yes but people can still choose to fly everywhere and many other places if they want to. Now if they want to do that they have no ATC and no planes. If they go to training server to do that they have more planes.

But will they is the question? People love big hot spot airports which will bring that attention off of those other destinations. The schedule is to bring awareness and traffic around the globe. It all revolves around diversity and destinations around the globe to open it up to everyone. People will get mad that KLAX half of the week is getting all the traffic.

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I understand, but expert server should have more effort to spread out the planes everywhere. Not just one day one airport has too many planes and nowhere else has 0 planes. Sometimes I want to fly on expert server and look at the map and I think oh I do not want to fly there it is a boring place.
But look now at IFATC at home, look on the map, do you see KLAX has all the planes? No, I can see the planes are going to many places. So I do not think this will have a big problem like this.

*cough Feature section i believe!

That’s why Tyler is trying to incorporate routes like in this weeks ATC schedule so we get ATC services gate to gate. We’ve had airports around the world for long haul routes to accommodate this. I’d also like to add that EGLL (a popular hot spot airport) has 39 arrivals which is more than all the other airports on the server right now.

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There could be a middle way, have some established routes in the schedule and if they are staffed open airports like LHR. Have a bit of both. Because people just love flying to for example LHR, and in the end we service the pilots, not the other way around.

yes I know but this is not a game feature so I do not know where I should write this

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This is in the perfect category I think in #atc

But you can check Training Server. You can find that most of the traffic is on the way to big HUB airport such as LAX,JFK,SFO,EGLL etc. That’s why Tyler makes atc schedule for Expert Server every week.

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maybe in features there can be AI computer planes spawn and land at empty airports if they have no human players there

AI computer planes, many games have that

IFATC at home is suppose to be a special monthly event. Having it every week would draw the fun out.


i thought they made it because everyone at home because covid will infect them

yoooo we dont talk bout that here!