IFATC at Home-- ZBAD (Beijing Daxing) [closed]

For the next IFATC at home on May. 10th, we will be opening ZBAD
ZBAD–Beijing Daxing Int’l Airport–is one of the newest airports in China, built for Beijing 2022 winter Olympics. It is the first China mainland airport to adopt intersection runways. There are 4 massive runways in total. Beijing Daxing airport can operate from smaller private jets like Gulfstream 550 to Airbus A380.
Server: Expert
Operation Hours:
As Well As

Air Field Information

17R/35L 3800 x 45m (12467ft x 147.6ft) (can operate all aircrafts other than A380)
17L/35R 3800 x 60m (12467ft x 196.85ft) (operates all aircrafts including A380)
19R/01L 3400 x 60m (11154.8ft x 196.85ft) (operates all aircrafts including A380)
11L/29R 3400 x 60m (11154.8ft x 196.85ft) (operates all aircrafts including A380)

Recommended routes:

ZBAD-ZSPD --China Eastern
ZBAD-ZGGG --China Southern
ZBAD-KLAX – American
ZBAD-EGLL --British Airways
ZBAD-RJTT --China Eastern
ZBAD-RJBB --China Southern
ZBAD-EFHK --Finnair

More pictures taken by myself

Beijing’s History:


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Beijing’s Modern Development:





That will probably be the only mainland China airport that will open tomorrow. :)
Everyone is welcomed.
Always allow pattern work
more than 2000 operations
Please read the top for more details:)


Looks super cool 😎 Have fun at Daxing!


I might do a long haul arrival from somewhere. Great airport you selected.


Thanks for your support! :)

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This is awesome!

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Thanks! I hope that many people will come. :)

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I am now open. Please stop by :)

Will you open again soon?

What time zone are you listings on this I live in Texas is it in Texas time or Zulu time

It’s opened again! Sorry it’s a little late-- I went for dinner.

The timezone was in US Eastern Time. By putting your mouse on there, you can see the Zulu time. Thanks. :)

TGS is now closed

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