IFATC at Home - Troutdale (KTTD) [CLOSED]

Hello everyone with joining IFATC at the perfect time for my first IFATC at home i will be opening the closest airport to me by location troutdale airport on sunday. So join me for my first IFATC at Home!

KTTD is one of three locations used by Hillsboro aviation and was the former home of Hillsboro aviation academy. Currently they train fixed wing aircraft and rotor wing aircraft. As it’s location sits at the entrance to the Columbia River gorge if your flying VFR i recommend a VFR flight through the gorge pictured below with the famous Vista house!


NOTAM: runway selection will be based on weather. Due to terrain when RWY 25 in use pattern work will be right traffic RWY 7 will be left traffic and due to taxiway sizes GA aircraft and small jets are best suited for this airport. Aircraft remaining in pattern need to please be vigilant on maintaining pattern altitude to not interfere with traffic on final for RWY 28R & RWY 28L for KPDX

Opening 2020-06-21T20:30:00Z2020-06-21T23:00:00Z


Ill be sure to stop by!

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As today is IFATC at home i am Officially open at KTTD!

now closed will open again at 2020-06-21T20:30:00Z

hello everyone officially on at KTTD again

Closed now will open again in 45 minutes

Now open again stop on by!

Live streaming the session on YouTube

Now closed final session at 2020-06-22T03:30:00Z

Hello everyone i am open at tower ground and ATIS for the final time tonight at KTTD i will be live streaming this final session to my YouTube channel open now!

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Would you mind if halfway through my flight I flipped around to give you a landing?

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not at all go ahead :D

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Also thanks for controlling a smaller airport like this. It’s been forever since I had an excuse to do some fun flying in a GA.

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its my homeport so no problem :)

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Im coming, hopefully still open

yup still open

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Lol oof. As I was pulling in to park, I completely forgot the direction I was supposed to face and screwed up my whole parking, I’m guessing I’m facing the right way right now but I’m not even on the line lol

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If you’re wondering what that TBM is doing not even in the correct parking position, don’t worry. That’s me.


i know i’m not worried


thank you all who stopped by making my first IFATC at Home an incredible one! KTTD closing in 5 minutes