IFATC At Home - The Netherlands

Are you going to be really realistic? Or not

By realistic I mean only having 2 runways open like they also have at the moment RWY 24 and 36L…

The ATC manual says that all runways have to be open
ATC Manual:


I know they are using this runway configuration but I want to let the pilots decide which Runway they want to use.

It’s up to you whether you want to be realistic or not. I’ve got various runways available.

Flying over Hoek van Holland right now.

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I feel like landing on Suiderstrand, so that’s what I’m going to do!

It’s empty pretty empty due to COVID-19 anyway, I went there yesterday.

Fantastic idea! Make sure you keep 1.5m distance between other people 😜

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Blue circle: My C-172 on the beach.

Red circle: My house :)

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Anyone wanna hop around the Netherlands in a Cessna?

Sure, that’s what I’m doing now but I wouldn’t mind doing it later today with you.

What about now? ;)

Can’t, need to go buy some groceries and then after that finish some online school work from the day before 🤫

A TBM is fine too

Sure, but I’m still not free right now, sorry.

You may always fly some patterns here. I’ve got a runway available if you wish. 😁

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Could you give me the Oostendebaan then? (Runway 22)

Here is the flight I have just finished performing:

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Yea that’s fine

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Thanks for the ATC! :D

You’re welcome! Thanks for visiting Amsterdam