IFATC at Home - Tampa, Florida

This Sunday, join the IFATC community as we open up our select airports world-wide!

Tampa, Florida
Tampa International Airport is an international airport six miles west of Downtown Tampa, in Hillsborough County, Florida. The airport is served by over twenty major air carrier airlines, four regional airlines, and three air cargo carriers. Three of the regional airlines operate under the banner of mainline air carriers, while a fourth, Silver Airways, is independent and utilizes Tampa International Airport as a hub for its operations. Southwest Airlines carries the airport's largest share of passengers, operating up to 121 daily flights.

As we all know, on this day there will be many other airports open thanks to the IFATC at home event! I took the time to list a few of the destinations you may choose to fly to or from!

Atlantic City, NJ

Spirit Airlines A320/A321

San Diego

Southwest B737/B738

Houston (IAH)

Spirit A320/A321, United A320, B737/B738/B739, B752

Chicago O'Hare

Spirit A320/A321, Frontier A320/A321, United A320, B737/B738/B739, American A320/A321, B738

San Juan, PR

JetBlue E190, A320, Spirit A320, A321, Southwest B737/B738


United A320, B737, B738, B739, Frontier A320, A321


Delta A319, A321, B738, JetBlue A320, A321, Spirit A320, A321

New York (JFK)

Delta A319, A321, B738, B712, JetBlue A320, A321

New York (LGA)

Spirit A320, A321, Delta A319, A321, B738, Southwest B737, B738

London (EGKK)

British Airways B772, Norwegian B789

Other destinations to and from Tampa can be found here
SIDS, STARS, an airport diagram, and other procedures can be found here

More details will be shared as information is updated! Thanks



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Here are the airport procedures for Tampa Int’l
Tampa Int’l Procedures

Hey There Friend! Nice Thread! What time will you be open?

Probably from 2020-05-10T14:00:00Z for a few hours.

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