IFATC at home Switzerland

IFATC at home Switzerland 🇨🇭

Come escape from the busy cities and hubs and experience some relaxing GA/VFR flying amongst great scenery and IFATC guiding you around!

With this week’s schedule, Tyler has introduced a fantastic possibility for pilots and controllers to discover new airports. With the Swiss team of IFATCs we decided to prepare a nice selection of airports nested in some of the greatest scenery you will find! Saturday we will focus on the main hubs ; Geneva, Zurich, Basel, etc… and Sunday will be for small GA airports like Lugano, Sameden and couple you’ve probably never heard of😜.

what are we offering?

Sunday we will be holding an event we hope you won’t forget! It’s going to be a race through the valleys in a C130 from Geneva to Sameden. ATC will be active and don’t worry about violations as there aren’t any in that plane. For more details about the event, have a look at our event topic here => Low level Racing in Switzerland

On top of that, we will try our best to keep as many airports open at all time. They have been selected to let you fly between them staying low in valleys or flying high above the alps. We think it is a great opportunity to get into some VFR flying and this is the perfect time. Follow rivers, motorways, lakes or any other visual reference there are lots! To help you, I suggest using LiveFlight and skyvector.

what routes should I fly?

As we are pleased to offer service as IFATC, we obviously would enjoy if you come discover our airports. However, there are many more you can enjoy. I’ve made a FPL that I use myself to explore a good part of Switzerland (see below). The FPL passes over a lot of airports so you don’t have to start from the beginning. You can take any bit of it and descend for a little touch and go and back up. Don’t forget to get back up because there are lots of mountains! 🏔


LSGG 4617N/0611E 4621N/0616E 4625N/0630E 4624N/0647E 4623N/0653E LSGB 4613N/0700E 4611N/0701E 4608N/0703E 4606N/0705E 4612N/0717E LSGS 4618N/0735E 4618N/0742E 4618N/0753E 4618N/0755E 4619N/0800E 4623N/0806E LSPU 4631N/0820E 4632N/0821E 4634N/0821E 4634N/0824E 4635N/0827E 4636N/0833E 4638N/0835E 4642N/0836E 4646N/0840E 4656N/0836E 4659N/0836E 4658N/0830E 4659N/0828E LSZC 4657N/0818E 4648N/0810E 4645N/0808E 4644N/0800E 4641N/0753E 4640N/0746E 4641N/0742E 4644N/0738E 4652N/0733E LSZB LSZB 4658N/0724E 4659N/0714E 4708N/0721E 4712N/0732E 4714N/0739E 4713N/0743E 4716N/0748E 4716N/0749E 4718N/0751E 4719N/0753E 4721N/0754E 4725N/0806E 4725N/0810E 4728N/0810E 4729N/0813E 4730N/0814E 4733N/0813E 4733N/0815E 4735N/0815E 4735N/0813E 4736N/0814E 4736N/0817E 4734N/0819E 4734N/0823E 4734N/0828E 4734N/0833E 4736N/0836E 4741N/0837E 4740N/0848E 4739N/0855E 4740N/0901E 4740N/0907E 4734N/0923E 4729N/0930E LSZR LSZR 4727N/0942E 4712N/0930E 4707N/0931E 4703N/0927E 4659N/0934E 4652N/0932E 4650N/0924E 4643N/0927E 4635N/0925E 4631N/0910E 4626N/0913E 4623N/0914E 4615N/0910E 4613N/0904E 4613N/0902E 4610N/0859E 4610N/0855E 4608N/0855E 4606N/0856E 4605N/0856E 4559N/0854E 4552N/0839E 4558N/0828E 4600N/0819E 4601N/0816E 4606N/0818E 4608N/0820E 4608N/0829E 4608N/0831E 4609N/0836E 4611N/0842E 4611N/0846E 4610N/0849E LSZL LSZL 4609N/0849E 4606N/0842E 4601N/0843E 4554N/0834E 4550N/0836E 4548N/0833E 4544N/0835E 4551N/0851E 4559N/0858E 4602N/0906E 4602N/0910E 4601N/0915E 4559N/0915E 4557N/0911E 4556N/0908E 4554N/0908E 4552N/0909E 4552N/0907E 4550N/0905E 4548N/0904E 4547N/0912E 4549N/0922E 4551N/0923E 4553N/0920E 4556N/0918E 4602N/0916E 4608N/0918E 4610N/0925E 4612N/0927E 4617N/0923E 4619N/0925E 4619N/0927E 4621N/0937E 4622N/0939E 4623N/0940E 4624N/0943E 4627N/0947E LSZS LSZS 4635N/0956E 4637N/1001E 4638N/1001E 4641N/1005E 4643N/1005E 4645N/1004E 4646N/1007E 4647N/1015E 4649N/1022E 4652N/1027E 4655N/1029E 4656N/1030E 4701N/1037E 4705N/1040E 4706N/1039E 4706N/1038E 4707N/1035E 4708N/1033E 4708N/1030E 4705N/1028E 4705N/1027E 4703N/1021E 4659N/1015E 4658N/1010E 4657N/1009E 4655N/1007E 4655N/1005E 4655N/1003E 4656N/1003E 4658N/1004E 4658N/1002E 4700N/1000E 4701N/0957E 4704N/0955E 4705N/0952E 4708N/0950E 4711N/0946E 4714N/0935E 4712N/0930E 4705N/0930E 4702N/0926E 4707N/0919E 4707N/0904E 4711N/0900E 4715N/0837E 4721N/0833E 4724N/0834E LSZH

what are the most scenic places?

We’ve already done all the work for you and made a little list of places to explore. Whatever your taste is, we’ve got it!

Aletsch Glacier

Come explore the biggest glacier of the alps! It is located right near LSGS airport and has a total surface of about 128 km square!


Interlaken which literally means between the lakes in German, is a nice little city located between lake Thun and lake Brienz. It is located near LSZB if you want a not too small airport.
Fun fact, last time I went there, unexpectedly I heard flightier jets flying and when I looked up, I saw the patrouille Suisse doing some training formation flying. Great show I’ll never forget! Maybe you’ll get luck too if you go there🙃.


If you’ve ever heard a Deep Purple’s smoke on the water, that’s where they’re talking about! It’s a nice little city at the start of lake Geneva (which is lac Léman actually…) and at the edge right before the vallais.


Right behind the plane there is the Vierwaldstättersee. It is by the Williem Tell myth where Switzerland was founded. The name of the lake literally means the lake of the four forest towns. That’s because around it are the first “primitive” Cantons that formed Switzerland.

And many many more I won’t spoil here but I’ll let you discover!

Don’t hesitate to ask questions to any of our Swiss controllers!



We will be updating this topic with the event this afternoon hopefully. We haven’t made the topic yet.


It will be a pleasure to join you for a flight above the lake Geneva

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I flew last year to Zurich. The city was so beautiful and flying over the country even more. I will definitely be there and discover new places. 🇨🇭


For the event, we want to make sure we get a good time that suits as many people as possible. We also want to focus on controlling at the same time. We can’t do 24 hours straight now can we😜? My question here is when should we focus? We’ll then have a look at who’s free but most of us are free all day.

  • 0500Z - 0900Z
  • 0900Z - 1300Z
  • 1300Z - 1700Z
  • 1700Z - 2200Z
  • 2200Z - 2400Z

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Keep in mind that doesn’t mean we’ll only control at a specific time. We’ll try to keep a moment in the day with 100% attention and then control at other times depending on our availability and pilot requests.


Very excited for the weekend! I have been waiting for so long for an event like this.

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The approach in runway 22 (LSGG/Geneva) is absolutely stunning (IF/IRL), I wish people could see it !
But you pointed the one the other way to Montreux which is good too. Nice flights !


I’ve updated the post with our event. Have a look and don’t hesitate to join or ask questions!


I am very surprised that @capitaine_turrian opened runway 10 for takeoff and landing at LSZH since runway 10 cannot be used as a landing runway at any time due to the mountains/hills in front of it. (I am aware that the controller is not involved in your team)

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Yeah unfortunately that will happen. For the ones who know the procedures we’ll try and keep them realistic as long as it doesn’t cause too much delay. To be honest I didn’t know them very well for Zürich either I was briefed by others how it works


Hey mate. I’m glad to read that. I’m apparently not informed enough about LSZH, because I’ve never heard of it before today. Where can I find further details about it ? Thanks @Rocco for having opened this topic, I’m quite new in the field. I have still a lot to learn ;)


Here you can find charts for the airport. Actually the link is really good because you just change the ICAO and you can get loads of other airports. Just not in the US it seems


I’m opening app at LSZH and we’re changing to 14 LDG and 10/26 DEP

I’ll also try and keep everyone on the star


How does it work to find other airport ? With the link I have only access to LSZH …

You keep the same link, but you rewrite it with the airport you want. If you copy the link you’ll see part of it is LSZH. Change that to what you want

C’mon now… the German lot are planning to go all day. Sure the Swiss can!!

We’re not as many🙃. Some of us are occupied with other things unfortunately…


But far more efficient, if not as many numbers 😜

Any recommendations where to fly patterns at today? Obviously St. Moritz would be a bit tight 🙃

I’d suggest wherever there’s ATC. Saint Moritz is tight but I nice challenge 😉. It’s possible I’ve done it already.

I’ll the opening there later today. Unfortunately my weekend was changed and I’m not home now😢

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