IFATC at home Sunday May 10

Where is tomorrows IFATC at home, I know one active airport is spain. What about others?

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Here you go :)
Oh and welcome to the community


IFATC will open active airports in their home country, check out the threads for more detail.

this will help but some Aussies and myself are going to try keep Australia open so come down under for some quality ATC


Since their are so many airports I am assuming that any given time most wont be active right? Since controllers usually switch off from a select few airports. Where as tomorrow their are a-lot more airports and same amount of controllers?

Lots of the big airports with 3-4 controllers should remain open for most of the day, in some of the threads there are times for when they will be open.

a lot of controllers will be able to control there favorite airports so expect alot of airports open but a lot of inconsistency of where they’ll be open

I think I will fly out of KORD in a few hours as its open for todays event. Any suggestion for a european city that will likely be open early morning Zulu time on Sunday?

Seville, Spain ;)

i would but no real life carrier flies there from kord. lol i try keeping it realistic.

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