IFATC at Home | St. Louis Lambert International Airport, KSTL [Status: Closed]

Hello, today I will be opening at my home airport, St. Louis Lambert International Airport.

Let me give you a brief history

  • Formerly TWA’s biggest hub
  • Major Focus city for Southwest
  • One of the few airports in the U.S. that is keeping it’s regular daily passengers. (Around 30-35,000 a day)

The following airlines operate at Lambert

  • Southwest - Terminal 2, E gates
  • American - Terminal 1, C gates
  • Delta - Terminal 1, A gates
  • United - Terminal 1, A gates
  • Air Canada - Terminal 1, A gates
  • Sun Country - Terminal 1, C gates
  • Alaska Airlines - Terminal 1, C gates
  • Cape Air - Terminal 1, C gates
  • Air Choice 1 - Terminal 1, C gates
  • Frontier - Terminal 1, C gates (Domestic Departures, International departures/arrivals via E gates)
  • Contour Airlines - Terminal 1, E gates

For additional airport info visit flystl.com

As of now, I am not entirely sure when I will open. I will be opening between 1700Z-0600Z today, so try to stop by!


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