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IFATC at Home 2.0


Welcome to the second edition of Sunday’s specific ATC Event in which controllers are encouraged to open their home airports! In this second edition of IFATC at home, I will be focusing on airports from Spain, most concretely within the region of Andalusia

Which monument corresponds to picture number 1?

  • La Giralda
  • Plaza de España
  • Torre del Oro
  • Seville’s Cathedral
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There will be an airport that I will focus on especially, the Seville San Pablo airport

Seville International Airport, also known as Seville-San Pablo Airport) is a Spanish Airport, located 3 km northeast of the city of Seville, being the second airport with the highest number of passengers in Andalusia after the Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport.

History of Seville Airport

In 1915, a small aerodrome, now called Tablada Aerodrome, was named Seville Airport. This aerodrome had the purpose of training pilots. Work on the refurbishment began in 1915 and in the same year, it began to be used for training pilots and observers.

In 1919, the first commercial flights between Seville and Madrid were carried out. The following year, the postal airline between Seville and Tangier was established and, in 1921, the first Spanish commercial flight between Seville and Tangier.

In February 1929, the Seville airport project was approved and, in March, the Tablada aerodrome was opened to navigation and air traffic, and it was decided that this service would cease as soon as the planned airport was opened.

Seville airport, September 1945. Initially, multiple runways were built. One year later, it was classified as an international airport and runways 05-23 and 09-27 were asphalted. In 1956, runway 09-27 was extended and runway 05-23 became a taxiway.

In 1957, work was carried out on the terminal building, as well as on the control tower.

In 1965 an ILS is installed. Between 1971 and 1975, the terminal area was remodelled, the parking area was extended, a new terminal building was built and new accesses were developed and fitted out.

General Airport Information
Airport Elevation Runways Runway Heading (True) Runway dimensions Surface
111ft 09/27 093º or 273º 11008 x 147ft Asphalt
My connection with Seville Airport

Sevilla is my home town. It is a beautiful city with some great World Heritage places. Sevilla has a quite big airport compared with its operations. Sevilla has a huge 11008ft runway able to host up to biggest class F aircraft (A388 & B7487-8)

But this is not what makes it a special airport for me. The city has one of the biggest A400M factories, casually is near the old Aerodrome of Tablada. Apart from the mega factory, the own airport has also an A400M assembly point and was the airport in which this aircraft made his inaugural flight apart from many testing flights.

Currently, we still are assembling A400M and the city’s factory is helping with the A350XWB production.

So, finally, for those who are trying to learn about the complex aviation world, and trying to become a future engineer like me, this place is one of the seven wonders of the world (Now eight)

Airlines & Destinations

Here is a table with permanent and seasonal destinations and airlines

Airline Destination(s)
Air Europa Madrid (LEMD), Tenerife Norte (GCXO) and Palma de Mallorca [Seasonal] (LEPA)
Air France Paris Charles de Gaulle [Starting 1 June] (LFPG)
Air Nostrum Almería (LEAM), Madrid (LEMD), Melilla (GEML), Valencia (LEVC), Fuerteventura [Seasonal] (GCFV) Lanzarote [Seasonal] (GCRR) and Vigo [Seasonal] (LEVX)
British Airways London-Gatwick (EGKK)
Brussels Airlines Brussels (EBBR)
EasyJet Berlín-Schönefeld (EDDB), Bristol (EGGD), Edinburgh (EGPH), London-Gatwick (EGKK), London-Luton (EGGW), Lyon (LFLL), Nice (LFMN), Toulouse (LFBO) and Venice (LIPZ).
EasyJet Switzerland Basel (LFSB) and Geneva (LSGG)
Edelweiss Air Zurich [Only in summer] (LSZH)
Iberia Madrid (LEMD), Almería (LEAM), [rest of flights operated by Air Nostrum (Listed above)]
Iberia Express Madrid (LEMD)
Laudamotion Vienna (LOWI), Düsseldorf (EDDL) and Stuttgart (EDDS).
Lufthansa Frankfurt (EDDF) and Muenchen (EDDM)
Ryanair Alicante (LEAL), Barcelona (LEBL), Bari (LIBD), Beauvais (LFOB), Bérgamo (LIME), Berlín-Schönefeld (EDDB), Bolonia (LIPE), Burdeos (LFBD), Bristol (EGGD), Brussels (EBBR), Budapest (LHBP), Cagliari (LIEE), Catania (LICC), Charleroi (EBCI), Colonia/Bonn (EDDK), Dublin (EIDW), Edimburg (EGPH), Eindhoven (EHEH), Fez (GMFF), Fuerteventura (GCFV), Gran Canaria (GCLP), Hamburg (EDDH), Ibiza (LEIB), Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (EDSB), Cracov (EPKK), Lanzarote (GCRR), Lisboa (LPPR), Londres-Luton (EGGW), Londres-Stansted (EGGS), Luxemburgo (ELLX), Malta (LMML), Manchester (EGCC), Marrakech (GMMX), Marsella (LFML), Milán-Malpensa (LIMC), Nantes (LFRS), Nápoles (LIRN), Palma de Mallorca (LEPA), Pisa (LIRP), Oporto (LPPR), Rabat (GMME), Roma-Fiumicino (LIRF), Santiago de Compostela (LEST), Tánger (GMTT), Tenerife-Sur (GCTS), Treviso (LIPH), Valencia (LEVC), Vitoria (LEVT), East Midlands [Only in summer] (EGNX), Frankfurt- Hann [Only in summer](EDFH) and Varsaw-Modlin [Only in summer](EPMO).
SAS Scandinavian Airlines Stockholm-Arlanda [Seasonal, expires 16 May] (ESSA)
Smartwings Prague [Seasonal] (LKPR)
TAP Air Portugal Lisbon (LPPT)
Transavia Amsterdam-Schipol (EHAM) and Eindhoven (EHEH)
Transavia France Paris-Orly (LFPO), Nantes (LFRS) and Lyon [Only in summer] (LFLL)
TUI Fly Belgium Paris-Charles de Gaulle [Only in summer](LFPG)
Volotea Asturias (LEAS), Santander (LEXJ), and Bilbao (LEBB)
Vueling A Coruña (LECO), Asturias (LEAS), Barcelona (LEBL), Bilbao (LEBB), Fuerteventura (GCFV), Gran Canaria (GCLP), Ibiza (LEIB), Lanzarote (GCRR), Palma de Mallorca (LEPA), Paris-Charles de Gaulle (LFPG), Rome-Fiumicino (LIRF), Tenerife-Norte (GCXO), Valencia (LEVC), Lyon [Only in summer] (LFLL), Menorca [Only in summer] (LEMH) and Nantes [Only in summer] (LFRS).
Recommended Routes

Connection to the World: From the main international hub on Sapin

Aircraft Livery Flight Time Route STAR
Airbus A321-200 Iberia 0:55 LEMD MD030 MD031 VTB CRISA HIJ HIJ47 RUVEN ROTEX LEZL HIJ3E

Business in Sevilla : From the Coastline city of Valencia

Aircraft Livery Flight Time Route STAR
TBM Hopper: Explore all the featured airports
Aircraft Livery Flight Time Route STAR
TBM-930 or C172 At your discretion Around 3 h LEAM-LEMG-LEJR-LEZL None
This is a VFR Fly-in, Starting at LEAM (Almería). Turn west following the coastline until LEMG in sight. After a touch and go at LEMG go directly towards JRZ (VOR) and try a VOR approach. After that, you are free to continue flying in the heading you want towards LEZL.

| Connecting With Low-Cost Hub

Aircraft Livery Flight Time Route STAR

See the Jeppesen Chart 10-9, where the airport diagram states some boundaries and limits of the ATC competence surrounding the Airbus Factory. Notice this procedure will be ignored in the event due to the lack of any possible competence over the designated zone apart.
ATC will have all competence and rights over the totality of the airport, surrounding territories and airspace

Airport Charts



This airport is beautifully edited by @Major-Tom

Also, Sevilla is considered as a dope airport by Misha

Now with VFR procedures new ever to IF

The fact that Seville is the main hub on the event does not mean we can’t open other airports within Andalusia, here, for example, is the main international airport in the whole region



Here goes a beautiful regional airport! Almería, a small airport located in a… desert? Yes, it is a very arid landscape, and it is considered as a desert, the Taberna’s Desert, anyways, it is also bathed by the coast, hmm… weird but true

Learn more about the Taberna's desert

Tabernas Desert - Wikipedia


Only VOR’s approached allowed on this airport, designed for truly explorer pilots

Here a smaller airport but not less beautiful. Jerez, also an international airport who has a class Delta Airspace with few VFR Corridors (@Maxmustang, I will need to see if the corridors can be allowed due to the Infinite Flight interface)



Finally, I aim to all the Spanish IFATC controllers or just to the controller who wants to support this Idea, open any Andalusian airports, does not necessarily needs to be ones listed above! Let’s discover the Andalusian beauty!


4 May 2020 2240z:

The initial version is uploaded, along the week each airport operation procedures in concordance with the Infinite Flight interface will be released and a more in-depth description of each airport! Stay tuned this is only 1.0

5 May 2020 1137z

Minor changes

110 May 2020 1258z

Added the Recommended Routes

Image 1: Fjjimenez #1 Imágenes y Fotos - 123RF Owner rights to Kiko Jiménez
Image 2: Google Maps Google Maps
Image 3: Ver aterrizar aviones en Sevilla - BETISWEB Betisweb.com

Thanks for watching!



Hi There! Nice Thread! What time are you going to be open?

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Right now is a bit uncertain, although maybe from 1600z to beyond!

Ok got it! Thanks!

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Are you going to open 1 or all 3 airports? And if so what I even for those

For now I will just only open Seville

For now…

Maybe another controllers wanna control Andalusia

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@BinaryChess… MaxSez:
Noted : Yr VFR Corridor squib put me over the 🌈!
Hopefully, you can launch the first of many IF Corridors to follow! Pls keep me advised.
Warmest Regards, Max

🔥Exceptional presentation. BZ;



VFR Corridors

new addition!

Many of you were eager for the VFR corridors to be added, right? Well, I’m not going to add them, but I’m going to do an experiment! I’ve had a few words with our ATC community manager, Tyler, and we’ve decided to create an “imaginary” VFR corridor. But many others you may be wondering, what the hell is a VFR corridor?

I leave you here a post by @Maxmustang that defines it perfectly

Anyways, I will put an example of it below

Imagine that you are flying VFR (Visually) in a Cessna 172. You want to get to your destination as quickly as possible but for this, you must go through the airspace of a Bravo-class airport. In order to enter the airspace, being a Bravo class, you must tune to the ATC frequency, request a permit to cross the airspace and many times, wait for ATC to respond: This, in Infinite flight, would be similar to an altitude of transition, which often causes confusion.

But you discover that there is a “hole” in the airspace. A corridor, a tunnel in the middle of which allows you to cross the airspace without having to contact ATC, that way you would go much faster and it would be much easier. These exactly are the VFR corridors

Implementation in Infinite Flight

For now, there will be only one VFR corridor located on LEZL. I will see I can add another soon within the Andalusian region.

The corridor entrances are two waypoints, NIKAL and D222V.
  • The direction of the Corridor will change from hour to hour (regardless if there is active ATC or not) from NIKAL to D22V (North to south) to D222V to NIKAL (South to the north):

At even hours (00z, 02z, 18z,…) the direction will be from north to south
At odd hours (03z, 07z, 17z…) the direction will be from the south to north

  • Try to not make a Flightplan between each waypoint of the corridor cause controller can think you are flying IFR and I might On-Guard you making the corridor useless. Instead of that, I provide you with the correct headings

From NIKAL to D22V: 207º
F2rom D22V to NIKAL: 27º

  • The dimension of the corridor will be 1500ft width per 1500ft height.

  • The vertical length most concretely will be, from 2300ft to 3800ft MSL

  • Try to enter the corridor in an angle no more than 30ft from the starting waypoint (Just like an ILS)



a must to read!

You are not extent for being able to comply if required to all ATC instructions and normal procedures regardless if you are inside the corridor or not.

Thanks for reading and I hope this experiment will succeed!


Nice airport, this one! Oddly enough, I dropped in with my MD-11F a couple days ago to refuel when heading down to Buenos Aires. Hope this goes well.

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@BinaryChess. MaxSez: Just saw your CORRIDOR addendum. Pleased you took this bull by the horns and coordinated with the “Air Boss”. Note: These “Holes” have a speed limit of 200k for AlCon to include “Fighters”. Suggest you add this requirement to related NOTAM when published…
“Do Good Work” Max

(Good start… Time slots and reverse directions are not RW reality.
EW Rules for Separation should also be applied)


I want to open Barcelona during the day because is my home airport. If LEBL it’s taked, I will open any other in Andalucia :)

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Is Madrid taked ? If not, I would like to take LEMD

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TAF: LEZL 090800Z 0909/1009 20010KT 9999 SCT020 SCT035 TX24/0915Z TN16/1004Z PROB30 TEMPO 0914/0918 23015G25KT PROB30 TEMPO 0916/0920 4000 SHRA SCT025CB BKN030 PROB30 TEMPO 1005/1009 4000 SHRA BKN014 SCT025TCU

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METAR: LEZL 101230Z AUTO 27013KT CAVOK 21/11 Q1010

As per the METAR, LEZL will be using RWY27

I will open at around 1500z 2020-05-10T15:00:00Z

Added the recommended routes!

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I am sorry to say that due to personal issues, I will have to delay the opening times to 1700z 2020-05-10T17:00:00Z

LEZL Airport is now open!

METAR:LEZL 101700Z AUTO 24011KT 200V270 9999 SCT036 20/13 Q1010

Departure runway: 27
Landing Runway: 27

Of course, pattern work is also allowed!

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