IFATC at Home - Singapore (WSSS)

Alright! Thanks for the heads up!

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Nothing better than ending your flight with amazing IFATC! Thank you @anon28254084!


Thanks for coming down

Everyone, we are still open and will continue to be open! Come on down :)

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Hello, I’m on ground :)

Requesting 20R for departure later?

Flight status for SQ297: TBOT is on time at 1500Z, 2300L, 35 mins to TBOT, Boarding

Yup! Saw you on the ground

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What’s the ATIS rn? I’ma join later.

ATIS O right now.


Event in progress, expect some delays

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A big thank you to everyone who joined us at WSSS for our fourth IFATC at Home. We have closed for the day!

Special thanks to the Controllers for controlling throughout the day (for 12 hours)

See you at the next one!


I wanna give a special thanks for @MilkTea for getting me out of WSSS! Thanks!


Hello, thanks for coming! Also next time, there’s no need to ask for a freq change if you have already been cleared(given during taxi to xxx rwy, contact twr when rdy). Other than that, hope you had a lovely flight! 😄 @PilotCSG

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