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Santa Monica Municipal Airport, California (KSMO)


Airport Status - OPEN

Hey folks! Today I’m opening my home airport KSMO. Santa Monica Airport has a special place in my heart as it was my favorite airport when I was little to watch planes up close for hours on end.
KSMO serves as a small municipal airport which receives private jets and is a popular GA airport in the SoCal region just about 6ish nm from KLAX. The airport normally averages 296 operations per day. In Infinite Flight, there are currently about 45 spawn locations around the airport. The airport itself is also about 2 miles from the beautiful California coast and the notorious Santa Monica Pier where everyone played Pokémon Go just for visualization. The airport houses multiple flight schools and FBOs. During WWII back in the 40’s, the airport served as a major manufacturing center for Douglas Aircraft Company. They built the DC-2, DC-3, DC-4, DC-5, DC-6, and DC-7 at this location. During this point, the airport area was distinguished from the sky as a false town to cover up all the operations occurring below if anything were to occur from above such as an air raid. On the other side of things, residents complained about the noise and actually got the airport to shut down operations after putting the city in a lawsuit. It is planned to end operations in 2029 which is heartbreaking for me as it was definitely a significant place for me. Anyways, this airport is a great gateway to fly up and down the coast and do some great VFR flying off the coast and to do pattern work. What are you waiting for? Get your landings and pics in and explore the beautiful beaches of SoCal!


Time of Opening

I will be open on and off all day. I may announce when I am open on this thread since I do not have any time schedule planned for now.

Runway & Airport Information

•1 Runway
• 4977ft x 150ft
• Asphalt Runway
•Approaches: GPS VOR/DME
•Class Delta Airspace
•Airport type: Civil/public

Wikipedia Post on KSMO



Tower, ground, and ATIS will be the frequencies I will be operating.

Airport Layout

apologies for low quality image it was the most up to date version.

Airport NOTAMS

KSMO is a class delta airport meaning the airport size is limited. During the time I am open the largest aircraft I am allowing is the Citation X due to the airport size and runway size. Please spawn in an appropriate aircraft. As always follow all ATC instructions and have fun!

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Awesome man! Nice to see another small airport get some attention! If you are open around 2000Z, maybe we could get some GA traffic between SMO and SBA on my end ;)

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For sure we can make it happen! Glad to see another LAX plane spotter in IFATC!

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On that note, we gotta meet up when this whole COVID-19 thing is behind us

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For sure! It’s great meeting people from the community. Shoot me a pm sometime on IG or here. :)

Will do man! I’ll mention this thread on mine as an excuse to bump and to motivate some people that may be on the fence lol. 2000Z works for you I take it?

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My issue is they shouldn’t have moved so close knowing what’s nearby. Sad that many airports are closed because of people’s complaints. Plenty of open land in Kansas for them to move to. 😜


I agree! People who live under LAX tried to do the same thing but failed obviously as it’s a major worldwide hub.


I know they’ve tried the same thing with shortening Ontario’s runway and RHV


Wow didn’t know that. I’m sad they shortened SMOs runway as I enjoyed watching my fav plane the Gulfstream aircraft land but they can’t now.


Make it a three-some! We should all go to LAX, since I live in OC.

Nice VFR flying from SBA-SMO-SAN in my opinion!

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100%! Some great options for pilots in SoCal tomorrow for sure.

I’ll let you all know when I come down next. @Thunderbolt do you have an Instagram account? Or should I just contact you here? Or Slack or something lol

I followed you on Insta before I was on the IFC 😂

@thunderbolt_35 on Insta.

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So we don’t clutter here let’s primarily use slack to arrange for now on. :)


Hey everyone! KSMO is open on the expert server! Come around and fly to @Cameron_Stone ‘s SBA airport open up north and fly by the coast. Check out his thread below. (CLOSED)

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KSMO is now open again! Come get some nice and stress relieving VFR flying up the coast or remaining in the pattern and get your landings up. #stayhomewithinfiniteflight

Be there in about 1.5 hours!

Ahh man! Just closed up. I’ll most likely be open later though.

@infiniteflight_17 Now would be a great time to “be open later” ;)

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Some people are still trying to keep RHV open actually, one of my flight instructors was talking to me about it since I go there often. They are trying to block it but it’s supposed to close in 2031 which sucks, and it means there’s no real GA airport nearby since they’re stopping GA at SJC.

Anyways, may stop by later on if someone decides to open it again later today :)