IFATC at Home - Santa Barbara (KSBA) | CLOSED


If you started from LAX, you would only have to drive a couple hours to find the beautiful coastal community of Santa Barbara. This happens to be where I live, and it also happens to have an airport.

I’ll be opening this airport at 2000-2100Z tomorrow, if not for longer.

Traffic (some of which does not currently fly but has in the past):

  • KDEN (A320 or A321)
Sun Country
  • KMSP (737-700 or 737-800)
  • KDEN (A319, A320, E175, CRJ-700, or CRJ-200)
  • KSFO (737-800, A319, A320, E175, CRJ-700, CRJ-200)
  • KLAX (E175 or CRJ-200)
  • (Future route) KORD (737-700 or A319)
  • KSLC (E175)
  • KPHX (A319, CRJ-900, or CRJ-700)
  • KDFW (A319, E175, or CRJ-900)
  • KSEA (737-700, 737-800, or 737-900)
  • KPDX (E175, CRJ-700, or SkyWest CRJ-200)
  • KOAK (ERJ-135)
  • KSMF (ERJ-135)
  • KLAS (ERJ-135)

Feel free to use any alternatives if the real planes aren’t available.

Its commercial runways are 25 or 07. The 33s and 15s are for pattern work and light aircraft.

Runway 25/07 is only 6052 feet long, so make sure not to float on landing and use high power/lots of flaps on takeoff


Runway 25 straight-in approaches aren’t allowed, so it has a special approach that can either be flown via waypoints or visually:


I hope this airport can gain some recognition and I hope to see some of you there!

NOTAM: the largest aircraft I will be allowing are a Boeing 757 as a commercial aircraft, a 737 BBJ as a private aircraft, and a C130 in the cargo/military side of things. Private 747s used to fly there on occasion, but the runway has actually been shortened since and they were severely limited. All larger aircraft will be given a size warning


Got to love Santa Barbara!

VFR from SBA to SAN would be extremely scenic and fun!

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Ooo it might be fun to fly a San Diego to Santa Barbara flight in the TBM!


Yes, plenty of GA traffic there too 😉

I added some more flights that I forgot. Whoops.

What times do you think you’ll be opening it?

Between 2000Z and 2100Z and maybe a little bit after that if I feel like it

Let me re-format it to make it neater and add a little more info.

You know I’m givin you those DEN routes😏

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You’re a dear Mateo. Thank you for your service to this airport.

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@infiniteflight_17 will also be open at SMO around the same time. VFR flights between SBA and SMO can definitely be a great way to relax!

His thread:


Open now because I’m impatient ;)

On my way from LAX!

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Yay thanks haha

Poor landing…haven’t done a GPS approach in a while!

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Love my other home airport, see ya in a few hours!

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I’ll be there around 2:15 on an arrival from SFO! UA 5501

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Glad to hear it! I’ll likely still be open!

And see you soon as well @Jetcentric :)

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Open again! feel free to come by!

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Let’s get some traffic between LAX and SBA!