IFATC at home - Russia (URSS & ULLI) [OVER]

This IFATC @ HOME thread is over. If you are looking at it in the future - hi and also wrong thread.

First in your elections, then in your IFATC schedules.
Hi, we are the only 4 Russian IFATCs out here and this Sunday we will have the biggest country in the world all for ourselves. We’ll be mostly situated in mountainous Sochi (URSS) so that you can rock the new Nordwind 777 livery, enjoy the new 737 cockpit with Aeroflot or fly some short-hauls over the Krasnodar krai mountains on UtAir CRJ200. However, if Sochi is already staffed and no controller change is planned, we will also open Saint Petersburg (ULLI) so you can flood the apron with green S7’s and big-boy planes to Asia.

Opened frequencies

See you next time!

Meet the team

As said above, the largest country on earth, which amounts to about 1 IFATC per every 36 million residents. So here are the 4 people that will bring you joy, vectors into mountains, pattern entries and, in some cases, Level 2 Violations or even the spicy Level 3 ones. You know you’re in for a treat.

Approach, center and all that jazz

@ArsenyKryuchkov - the mystery man who publicly posted on IFC less times than there were people on the moon (Yes I checked thanks for asking).
@Maxim - out Mr. Worldwide lives in Cyprus, studies in UK and this Sunday vectoring you into the mountains in Russia.

Ground, Tower and robocop (ATIS)

@Ocean1c - passed his practical 2 months ago, loves green Sochi mountains, has green hair and an Aeroflot-inspired profile pic.
@Alexander_Nikitin - I wrote all this nonsense above and beyond bellow and also joined IFATC, like, 20 days ago.

URSS - Sochi

Sochi is an interesting airport in terms of operations: one end (RWY 20, 24) is for departures only and the other end (RWY 02,06) is for arrivals only. Long story short - it is all because mountains and planes do not go together very well.

# NOTAM: no pattern work will be available at any time

IFATC served destinations from Sochi

ICAO Destination Airline Aircraft Distance IFATC @ home
URWA Astrakhan UtAir CRJ2 383 nm Center
URKK Krasnodar UtAir CRJ2 101 nm Center
ULLI Saint Petersburg Nordwind B772 1044 nm Full / details below
URMT Stavropol UtAir CRJ2 137 nm Center
LLBG Tel Aviv El Al
727 nm TGS / thread
URWW Volgograd UtAir CRJ2 369 nm Center


  • Center - ROSTOV-ON-DON Center will provide Approach to these airports. Please note that in case of high traffic this might not be the case.
  • TGS - Tower, Ground and ATIS.

Destinations from Sochi

ICAO Destination Airline Aircraft Distance
OMDB Dubai FlyDubai B738 1328 nm
USSS Ekaterinburg Nordwind B772 1124 nm
UIII Irkutsk S7 A319 2561 nm
LTFM Istanbul Turkish Airlines B737/B739/A321 514 nm
UWKD Kazan Nordwind B772 814 nm
UNKL Krasnoyarsk Aeroflot A320/B739 2114 nm
UMMS Minsk Belavia CRJ2 782 nm
UUDD Moscow Domodedovo S7 A319 723 nm
UUEE Moscow Sheremetevo Aeroflot
759 nm
UNNT Novosibirsk S7 A319 1778 nm
UNOO Omsk Nordwind B772 1461 nm
UWOO Orenburg Nordwind B772 801 nm
UWWW Samara Nordwind B772 727 nm
UNTT Tomsk Nordwind B772 1872 nm

Browse all routes from Sochi

ULLI - Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg always was Russia’s second capital, except for the times that it actually was the capital. Built on the swamps, it is now home to tens of millions of frogs and an additional 6 million people. Known only for a couple old museums, it has a bit more history to offer, even in terms of aviation as it is, for example, the site of Soviet sully.
Talking about the airport itself, Pulkovo is Russia’s biggest and busiest airport outside of Moscow. With a fresh 2013-built new terminal, Pulkovo is one of Rusiia’s most modern and advanced airports. A hub for S7 - Russia’s largest privately owned airline - and, from some time, the only Russian airport in the european common aviation area (basically the thing that allows things like EasyJet to exist), which Ryanair & WizzAir are already having plans to utilize, with the second one already announcing the opening of it’s hub in Pulkovo in September this year.

Pulkovo will be opened only when Sochi is fully staffed

IFATC served destinations from Saint Petersburg

ICAO Destination Airline Aircraft Distance IFATC @ home
URKA Anapa S7 A319 924 nm Center
LGAV Athens Aegean airlines A320 1335 nm GTS / Thread
EBBR Brussels Brussels Airlines A319 1020 nm GTS / Thread
LSGG Geneva Swiss A319 1181 nm Full / Thread
LOWI Innsbruck S7 A319 1004 nm GTSC / Thread
URMM Mineralnie Vody Nordwind B772 1044 nm Center
LFMN Nice S7 A319 1280 nm Full / Thread
URSS Sochi S7 A319 1044 nm Full / details above
LGTS Thessaloniki Aegean airlines A320 1189 nm GTS / Thread
LOWW Vienna Austrian A321 849 nm Full / Thread
LSZH Zurich Swiss A321/A319 1061 nm Full / Thread


  • Center - ROSTOV-ON-DON Center will provide Approach to these airports. Please note that in case of high traffic this might not be the case.
  • GTS - Ground, Tower and ATIS

Interesting destinations from Saint Petersburg

ICAO Destination Airline Aircraft Distance
EHAM Amsterdam KLM B737/B739 958 nm
UBBB Baku Azerbaijan Airlines A319 1376 nm
ESGG Gothenburg Korean Air Cargo B77L 573 nm
EGGW London Luton WizzAir A320/A321 1124 nm
UUEE Moscow Sheremetevo Aeroflot
323 nm
LFPG Paris Charles de Gaulle Air France A319/A320 1151 nm
LDPL Pula S7 A319 1071 nm
LIRF Rome Alitalia A321 1269 nm
LOWS Salzburg S7 A319 940 nm
RKSI Seoul Korean Air A333/B772 3671 nm
URFF Simferopol Nordwind B772 896 nm
LIPX Verona S7 A319 1108 nm
UUDL Yaroslavl S7 A319 336 nm

Browse all the routes from Saint Petersburg

So when are you guys open?

Basically all day Moscow time,
and for americans it is all day Moscow time.

IFATC @ HOME - Russia is brought to you by 3 Russians, 1 Mr. Worldwide and a lot of vodka.
You can check out all the other IFATC @ HOME threads here.

Psst: vodka was Maxim’s idea which he sneaked under the premise of spell-check.


This sounds quite standoffish if you ask me. At the end of the day, we’re all here to learn and grow as pilots and controllers, which is the reason I created the topic in the first place. It shouldn’t be seen as a “problem” to reach out and inquire about a violation you received.

I know this takes away from the original topic of this thread, but I think we need to be careful about how we’re saying things.


Oh hey, someone actually read the bottom text. I wasn’t sure about this one, but included it because the whole thread is written in a joking manner, so I thought this will go very nice with it. I can add a spoiler that it is a joke if you want me to

I think you should either reword it all together or take that part out. It’s a given that violations will be handed out in an expert server environment. If you still want to use this kind of wording, I ask that you leave my topic out of it.

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Frequencies: Ground, Tower & ATIS


Frequencies: Ground, Tower & ATIS


Frequencies: Ground, Tower & ATIS

Opened until 22:00-23:00 Zulu

A little service update:
URSS Tower, Ground & ATIS are operational until 22:30Z

And on that bombshell we’re offline

We weren’t that active, traffic wasn’t existing, so we both have to improve. Anyways, thanks for the 1.5 people who came, see you at the next installment of IFATC at home!

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